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The Last Of Us Part 1 Leak Shows 120fps Mode

More evidence revealing just how much better The Last Of Us Part 1 will look compared to the original game and the remastered version continues to make it out into the world. The latest information pertaining to exactly that has revealed the game will potentially be able to run at 120fps for those who plan on playing on a screen capable of achieving that.

The reveal that Part 1 might well be able to achieve this with the right tools comes courtesy of a screenshot of the game's performance settings. Naughty Dog Central's tweet explains the screenshot has been sent by someone who has access to the game. Review copies have been distributed, but the embargo doesn't lift until the end of the month. Despite that, this screenshot has found its way out into the wild a little early.

Right below the performance mode toggle, a new option can be seen to unlock the framerate. That will allow the game to hit a framerate of 120fps. Again, that framerate can only be achieved if you're playing the game on a compatible TV or monitor.

Another hint as to just how good Part 1 is going to look when compared to previous iterations of the game, albeit an unofficially revealed one. It comes just a few days after an official reveal from Naughty Dog showing just how good the game's docks look when compared to the remastered PS4 version of TLOU.

The week has only just begun and it's already shaping up to be a big one for TLOU fans. HBO showed off a very short, first official teaser for its adaptation of the game. We hear Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey speaking as Joel and Ellie for the first time, and also get a first look at Nick Offerman as Bill.

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