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The Last Of Us Comparison Shots Show The Faithfulness Of HBO’s Adaptation

Following months of set photos leaking and a couple of official sneak peeks, HBO unveiled the first proper trailer for its The Last Of Us TV show this week. A little more than 90 seconds of content that people who have played the games will have found very familiar. In fact, a couple of direct comparisons have demonstrated just how faithful the show will remain to the first game.

With The Last Of Us Part 1 fresh in a lot of people's minds since the remake launched less than a month ago, some fans quickly picked out exact moments from the trailer that have been pulled from the game. Something that was likely by design on HBO and Naughty Dog's part. The side-by-side shots were pieced together and shared by Naughty Dog Central.

The two shots, in particular, are close-ups of Joel and Ellie. A concerned Pedro Pascal is shown holding someone's face. The next shot reveals that someone is Bella Ramsey's Ellie who is spattered with blood. As you can see in the tweets below, those two shots have been directly lifted from the game and recreated by HBO and the team behind the show with tremendous accuracy.

The desire to remain faithful to the games might have been hit right on the nose via the shots above, but it's far from the only evidence that will be the case shown off in the trailer. The crumbling skyscrapers, close-up of a Clicker, and Joel with a young girl in his arms as he runs through what is presumably Austin, Texas when the outbreak hits all show just how close to the games, or at least Part 1, the adaptation is going to be.

HBO almost definitely has the attention of just about everyone who has played The Last Of Us. The key will be attracting people who haven't played the games. To them, a faithful adaptation doesn't matter. It's a new show that needs to look good, and so far, so good, on attracting that audience. The debut trailer has been watched 12.5 million times already.

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