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The Knight Witch: How To Unlock Cheats

The Knight Witch is a tough game. In fact, there are boss fights and other sections of the adventure that are punishingly difficult. And if you get stuck on them, you can't just lower the difficulty, as there are no difficulty settings. You're forced to power through without any help.

That is unless you're not above using cheats. In an old-school move, the game offers a cheat menu that you can access at any time by pausing the game. However, the process is more complicated than it sounds, as they don't just give you the cheats. This is how to unlock each one.

How To Unlock Every Cheat

When you enter the cheat menu, you will notice four tiles with colored symbols inside. While you can't move them around, you can change the symbols.

To unlock a cheat, you need to put the symbols in a specific order and hit 'validate.' The sequence is different for each one. This is all of them:



What It Does

Unlimited Mana

Allows you to continually cast spells, as your mana never depletes. As spells are your most powerful attacks, you become a lot deadlier.


Perhaps the most overpowered cheat, as it means you don't take damage. This makes every section of the adventure much easier.

Enemies Sometimes Drop Health

Normally, finding health is very difficult. But this cheat means you no longer have to rely on coming across the rare health boxes, as enemies drop hearts, too.

Unlimited Weapon Durability

There are certain spells that allow you to temporarily change your weapon. For instance, you can turn it into a Hand Cannon that fires large projectiles. This cheat means they no longer run out. Thus you're able to use the Hand Cannon or Machine Gun until you use another card.

Slower Enemy Bullets

Dodging bullets is a big part of the game. This is made much easier with this cheat, as it slows them down.

Double Shard Drops

Shards are the primary form of currency in the game. This cheat means they will drop more often, making you much richer.

Show Damage Numbers

This cheat allows you to see how much damage you do with every hit. It can be useful in discovering which of your spells and attacks are most deadly.

Glass Rayne

If you think the game is too easy, the Glass Rayne cheat can give you an extra challenge. This is because with it enabled, you will die in one hit.

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