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The Face Of Half-Life 2’s Magnusson Paul Eenhoorn Has Passed Away

Arne Magnusson was introduced in Half-Life 2: Episode 2, leading the White Forest sect of the rebellion. He quickly became a fan favourite thanks to his sarky wit and chemistry with Isaac Kleiner and Eli Vance, and he was modelled on actor Paul Eenhoorn who, as of today, has passed away from a heart attack at 73.

You might know Eenhoorn from Land Ho!, This Is Martin Bonner, Maybe Next Time, or 2022's Monarch City. But in 2007, he gave his face to Magnusson, helping bring the disgruntled scientist to life. And since then, his likeness has even appeared in the fan-made Half-Life remake Black Mesa. That's because, in Episode 2, Magnusson makes a reference to when Gordon overcooked his casserole, something you can do in the second chapter of the original game, so Black Mesa retroactively puts him into that world to fit his story.

Born in Australia, Eenhoorn moved to the US in 1999, finding a slew of new acting gigs. One such gig was Half-Life 2, but on top of this, he landed the leading detective role in Zoo, an infamous documentary that debuted at Sundance (as reported by Hollywood Reporter).

Eenhoorn passed away yesterday in his Tacoma home according to his wife Stephanie, and he was set to start filming a movie only later that day. The movie was helmed by the Silver brothers, Kahlil and Shogi.

Eenhoorn leaves behind his wife, his daughter Natasha, his sister Heather, his brother Makk, and his granddaughter Miranda. But he will forever be there in Half-Life 2: Episode 2, mocking us for burning his casserole.

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