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The EA Origin Desktop App Is Being Renamed

This summer, Electronic Arts (EA) has been hard at work rebranding several of its apps. In August, the California-based company decided to rename EA Access and Origin Access Basic simply EA Play, which was launched a few weeks later on Steam. Then, last week, the gaming giant revealed it would bundle EA Play into Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost, ahead of the launch of the new Xbox Series X console.

Yesterday, EA announced it would rebrand its Origin desktop app as the EA Desktop App in order “to create a more frictionless, fast, socially-oriented experience for our players, where it becomes the best place for them to connect with the people they want to play within the games they want to play,” EA SVP, strategic growth Mike Blank told GamesIndustry.biz. In addition, Electronic Arts’ E3 presentations, also known as EA Play, will be renamed EA Play Live.

The desktop app has been simplified to allow users to navigate with fewer clicks, enjoy a “better patching experience,” and streamline UI login, registration, and game library updates. According to Blank, the rebrand is part of the company’s strategy to enhance player choice in terms of the platform they choose to play EA games on and improve access to EA games across all platforms.

EA is focused on bringing its games to as many platforms as possible, including Steam and the Epic Games Store, in order to meet the needs of its players. Blank says that EA plans on bringing “more subscriptions to more platforms in the future,” such as the Nintendo Switch.

With the advent of new technologies like cloud gaming and next-generation consoles, EA believes “siloed experiences between platforms” will be reduced and AAA HD style games will be able to be played on mobile devices, which will facilitate crossplay. “This connected gaming world is becoming even more connected all the time. And I think that only means good things for players,” Blank says. As of now, a launch date for the new EA Desktop has not yet been announced.

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