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The DioField Chronicle: Best Way To Farm Gold And Electrum

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  • Gold And Electrum Farming Overview
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As with most Strategy Role-Playing Games, The DioField Chronicle has an abundance of resources you will need to manage to obtain better equipment, upgrade your Facility, and much more. However, you will need lots of it to get your hands on some of the game's best offerings, which can feel like a slog from time to time.

Fortunately, there are ways to expedite your Gold earning methods to rake in lots of it with minimal effort. And, with enough Gold, you can exchange it for rarer materials such as Electrum, Orichalcum, and Jade Crystals. Though be warned, it will be a somewhat tedious process, but it shouldn't be too terrible to tolerate, considering how simple it is!

Gold And Electrum Farming Overview

Before you can begin farming Gold and Electrum in The DioField Chronicle, you must first take care of a few things beforehand. Luckily, it can be done relatively early on in your adventure, and you likely already have cleared this requirement if you are rather far in the game. Nonetheless, let's go over what you need to begin this process.


  • Reach Chapter 1
  • Clear the Main Mission Coswell Volcano Expedition

Once the above requirements are met, you are ready to begin your money-making schemes. After completing the Main Mission highlighted earlier, you will gain access to Practice Battles, which are accessible in the Institute room, where you will find the Researcher. The Practice Battle Table will be to the left of the Researcher. With this unlocked, it's time to move on to the next section, how to use it for farming your currencies!

How To Farm Gold And Electrum

Now that you have access to Practice Battles, you can replay missions to rack up Gold like there's no tomorrow. However, there is a trick to this than just diving into past missions and grinding them out ad nauseam. Firstly, you should only select missions you are well overleveled for that offer excellent Gold payout rates. Next, once you load into the Practice Battle, you will want to set the game to 2x Speed. Then, to close it out, you will want to utilize the game's Auto-Attack feature and let the game do the work for you. If done right, you can be in and out in minutes with a hefty chunk of Gold in your pocket.

Now, while this method may not sound exciting, it is the fastest way to accumulate Gold and by far the easiest as well. It will just require you to have a little bit of time and patience to keep diving into the same mission over and over again until you receive the amount of Gold that meets your needs. Lastly, you can find the highest paying missions of each Chapter in the table below. Since the Gold payout will vary depending on your Badge Level, we decided not to include it, but these are the missions you should focus on when farming Gold in The DioField Chronicle.

Highest Paying Practice Battles Per Chapter

Practice BattleChapterLevel
Central Knights' ExercisesChapter 1Level 11
Secure the Supply RouteChapter 2Level 12
Yewdean ForrestChapter 3Level 23
Feeding the NecromancerChapter 4Level 26
The Ultimate IngredientsChapter 5Level 30
A Proper MercenaryChapter 6Level 38
Kelling PeninsulaChapter 7Level 42

While there are Practice Battles with higher Gold payouts, the ones listed above are the shortest and easiest ones in each Chapter, making them the best to focus on and farm.

Gold Uses

Once you have accumulated lots of Gold, it's time to exchange it! Gold has many uses in The DioField Chronicle, so let's review what you will primarily use it on.

  • Purchasing better Equipment (Weapons, Accessories, and Items)
  • Upgrading your Facility
  • Enhancing your Magilumic Orbs
  • Purchasing Rare Materials

Essentially, Gold is used for pretty much everything in this game, so having lots of it will help alleviate some of the stress of trying to grind it out or selling items to get potions or other upgrades. However, let's focus a little bit more on the Rare Materials to close out this guide.

Electrum And Other Rare Materials

As already mentioned, you can use the Gold you have accumulated to purchase Rare Materials such as Electrum, Orichalcum, and Jade Crystals. However, this comes with one significant caveat: Your Shop Badge Rank must be maxed out at Level 5, which can be done as early as Chapter 5. You can find the requirements for that in the table below.

Coin for Comrades
  • Reach Chapter 1
  • Clear: Redditch Estate Recon (Main Quest)
Shop Rank 1
Experience Over Training
  • Reach Chapter 2
  • Clear: Approaching Demise (Main Quest)
Shop Rank 2
Business is Booming
  • Reach Chapter 3
  • Clear: Defend Teggaria Base (Main Quest)
Shop Rank 3
An Unexpected Opportunity
  • Clear: Recapture Teggaria Base (Main Quest)
  • Reach Chapter 4
Shop Rank 4
Trust Earned Through Action
  • Reach Chapter 5
  • Clear: A Patriotic Future (Main Quest)
Shop Rank 5

After obtaining Shop Badge Rank 5, you can exchange Gold for Rare Materials at the shop. The exchange rate goes as follows:

  • Electrum – 10,000 Gold
  • Orichalcum – 20,000 Gold
  • Jade Crystals – 30,000 Gold

So, essentially, the only way to 'farm' these Rare Materials is to farm Gold and exchange it for them. You can earn them by tackling the Challenges found in Missions, but that's not much of a farming method as it is a 'play the game' approach. Still, you will be raking in lots of Gold with this process, so Rare Materials shouldn't be much of an issue if you dedicate some to doing this.

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