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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me: Staff Only Scene Walkthrough

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  • Secrets In The Office
  • How To Turn On The Power
  • Secrets And Finding Charlie

With the group separated to begin setting up for their shoot in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, Jamie is in the lobby setting up the lighting. Unfortunately, with so much gear in an antique building, she almost immediately blows the fuse box.

Thankfully, you’re playing as the group’s resident expert in all things electrical, so this scene sees you follow Jamie into the bowels of the hotel to get the power working again. And with secrets to find, a tough code puzzle, and spooks that abound, let us help you grab everything from this scene.

We all love games from The Dark Pictures Anthology for their multitude of choices and branching paths that come from them, but so many hidden details in every corner mean we might miss a small thing or two.

However, we at TheGamer played through The Devil in Me several times, making different choices to bring you the most complete coverage possible.

Secrets In The Office

There’s a brief cutscene where we see Jamie blowing the power in the lobby and begin wandering around through the now-darkened hotel. She thankfully has a flashlight in her inventory, but the atmosphere is still drenched in shadow even when she is using it.

When you take control of Jamie after she enters a doorway on her own, go the only way you can down the hall, and make an immediate left into a kitchenette/office area after turning right.

There’s a good amount of world-building in here that doesn’t actually count as any of the secrets, but there is something you’ll definitely need in a moment – the code for the door to the breakers. Check out the corkboard advertising the Columbus Spa and warning of changed hours.

The paper on the left from a security company has the code you need (0451 – who could have guessed?), so remember this number.

Before you leave, there’s a secret hidden in the top drawer of the desk in this room. Before you press onward, dig around in the desk to locate the Will Amendment secret.

If you didn’t find the Morello Family Invitation upstairs on the balcony as Charlie in the scene titled Cigarettes, Jamie can also find it in the same spot on the balcony table during this scene as well.

How To Turn On The Power

Head back into the dark hallway from which you entered the room a moment ago and keep pressing forward in the darkness until you locate the staff-only area on the left at the end of the hall.

When you enter the room, the door to the fuse box is immediately on your left, but it’s got a digital number pad into which you have to enter a code. It’s the number you found a moment ago – 0451.

Entering it successfully will even earn you an achievement/trophy.

Venture into the room and interact with the fuse box, pulling out your multimeter from your inventory and getting to work on solving the puzzle using the yellow sheet to your left.

We’ve arranged a table in the shape of the fuse box. Hit the switches in the following order.


The power returns once you’re done, but you aren’t finished with this scene quite yet.

Secrets And Finding Charlie

Before finishing your segment as Jamie, there are a handful more secrets she’s able to find if you’re collecting them on this playthrough.

The auction receipt will be a slip of paper sitting on the desk along the right side of the room, back by where you first entered. The second is the Construction Invoice, which is lying on the ground in the corner of the room past a red utility cart.

The final secret from this area requires sitting through a mighty unsettling performance once the power is back on. Off from the staff-only area is a room with a drawn red curtain and a handful of chairs. On the wall to the left of the door is a button, now glowing red after Jamie restored the power.

Hit it, and enjoy the show until a tape falls from the pocket of the mannequin on Jamie’s right.

Collect Sherman Tape 2 from the stage, and return to the adjacent room to play it in the tape recorder on the desk by the door to the animatronic room.

Once you’re finished, return to the lobby through the closed door in the performance room. Charlie will be out in the lobby to begin shooting, but Jamie can still find Hotel Guest Book on the check-in desk, if Charlie didn’t during Cigarettes, and she can also check out the Welcome Postcard in the drawer behind the desk as long as Charlie opened the drawer earlier in the night.

Speak to Charlie, where you have a couple of options for what to say. If Dinner went well, you can thank him for what he said to the group. If it didn’t, or if you’re not interested in making Jamie friendlier, you can ask after the rest of the group.

Jamie and Charlie chat for a moment in the lobby, and then the scene ends after they both hear Erin scream from elsewhere in the hotel, running off to try to help her.

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