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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Secret Location Guide

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  • Every Secret In The Devil In Me
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As with the other games in the Dark Pictures Anthology, The Devil in Me is absolutely rife with secrets to find that enhance the world around you and the layers of mysteries happening within. Speckled throughout the game are pieces of evidence that slowly but surely fill in the story happening around your characters.

There are 50 secrets in total for The Devil in Me, so we've got a full list of the secrets themselves, where you find them, who finds them, and to what secrets they're connected. By piecing everything together, you'll finally learn the whole spooky story of The Devil in Me.

Beware of absolutely massive spoilers for The Devil in Me below if you're playing blind! We've tried to be as objective as possible, but some secrets give themselves away for us.

Every Secret In The Devil In Me

Below is a table containing all the information you may need to complete your secret collection in The Devil in Me. For your convenience, we've listed who finds it and when, as well as what the item is.

SecretScene ObtainedFound ByNotes
1: Wedding RingPoolMarkNext to a mannequin lying on the floor beneath a window.
2: FBI BadgeWaste DisposalCharlieMove the cart of limbs to make a passage for Charlie and go through it. The badge is on the ground beneath the hanging FBI jacket.
3: FBI ID CardWorkshopMarkOn the desk in the side office after finding the mannequin urging you to touch the button.
4: FBI Training PhotoWorkshopMarkOn the table section of the white cabinet directly past the desk where you grabbed Secret 3: FBI ID Card.
5: Body Snatching ArticleMorellosKateHung on a vanity mirror in the room adjoining the one where Kate found Secret 23: J. Morello Sherman Book.
6: Psychological ReportWorkshopMarkAfter finding Secret 4: FBI Training Photo, enter the next room and make a sharp left to find this secret atop a desk.
7: Chicago PD BadgeDirector's SuiteKateFlipped over on the same desk where you find Secret 47: Custom Mask Email.
8: Disturbed Grave LetterReunionKateOn the kitchen table.
9: Childhood Medical RecordCliffsideCharlieClimb the scaffolding and shimmy along the plank there into the open window. The secret is in a locked desk drawer, which Charlie can unlock.
10: Stiletto ShoeIslandKateAfter regaining control of Kate, the shoe will be on the right side of the path.
11: ClipboardCliffsideCharlieBy the computer monitors after Charlie pulls back a privacy curtain.
12: Hotel Guest BookCigarettesCharlieOn the check-in counter in the lobby.
13: Sherman Tape 1ScoutingMarkIn the side room of the library, on the table by the door in the tape player.
14: Front Page NewsCigarettesCharlieAfter entering the locked bar, the paper is on a table to the right of the door.
15: FBI MemoBlood TrailCharlieOn the ground in a hallway as Charlie explores, next to a coat rack.
16: APB BroadcastCliffsideCharlieIn a tape player on a desk by some broken shelving.
17: Funeral InvitationPartyJamieInside the safe in the room with Secret 28: Lucinda Munday Medical Report. The code for the safe is 1916, as can be found on a piece of paper beneath a coffee mug on a desk in the same room.
18: School LetterSilver AshErinOn a small writing table beneath a window in the office.
19: Welcome PostcardCigarettesCharlieInside the locked drawer behind the check-in counter, for which Charlie needs to use his card to pick the lock.
20: Stiletto HeelIslandJamieAfter you see the groundskeeper and regain control of Jamie, go toward the right by the knocked-down iron fence.
21: Mrs. Morello AnimatronicMorellosKateIn the side room, after checking on the crying woman behind a mattress.
22: J. Morello Holmes BookScoutingMarkAfter the clock jumpscare, the book is on the desk to your left.
23: J. Morello Sherman BookMorellosKateUnder the window, to the right after tracing the room code on the pad of paper.
24: Natalie's RemainsSeparatedCharlieHung in the back-most corner of the freezer, behind the hanging tarp.
25: Real Human TeethWorkshopMarkEmbedded in a bloody animatronic head on the back shelf.
26: Chicago Killer Newspaper CuttingMazeErinAfter opening the ladder into the secret space beneath the gazebo, turn left when Erin is facing the ladder to find the paper on a table in the corner.
27: Sherman Tape 4InterrogationJamiePlays automatically when Jamie sees Du'Met and the smoking corpse animatronic through a window.
28: Lucinda Munday Medical ReportPartyJamieIn the backmost hallways with a window straight ahead, in a room on the left. It's on the table with the old television.
29: Newspaper ClippingScoutingMarkThe clipping is within a book on a high shelf. Mark can use his tripod to get it down.
30: Returned LetterLighthouseMarkUpstairs in a side room, with the lumpy mattress on the floor. The letter is on a wooden table to the right of the makeshift bed.
31: Vacation PhotoIslandKateKate comes to a destroyed cabin with a locked door. Hop over the destroyed wall nearby and go through the back of the cabin.
32: Construction InvoiceStaff OnlyJamieOn the ground in the corner of the room behind a red utility cart, just past Secret 39: Auction Receipt.
33: Morello Family InvitationCigarettesCharlieWhen you leave Erin and come to the open atrium of the hotel, the letter will be on a table if you go right.
34: Man's BodyHomesteadJamieAfter finding Secrets 44 and 45, jump down and head to the right until you come to a tree you can climb under. Do so, then shimmy along the broken bridge toward the shed. You need a key to get in, which is lying on the ground out behind the shed. The body is in the corner.
35: Photos of VictimsIncineratorCharlieOn a table to the left after Charlie opens the gated door.
36: List of AliasesLighthouseMarkAfter going up the stairs into the bedroom, the secret is on the table to the right when you walk in.
37: Sherman Tape 3Silver AshErinOn the desk in the office.
38: Answerphone TapeDirector's SuiteKateIn the tape player on the table right beneath Secret 40: Costume Design.
39: Auction ReceiptStaff OnlyJamieOn a table to the right when you first enter the maintenance room.
40: Costume DesignDirector's SuiteKateAfter going up the stairs to the next level of the suite, follow the hallway to the left, and the design will be hanging on the wall above one of the tables.
41: Resignation LetterSpaJamieOn the floor in a room on the left side of the main hallway.
42: Foreman's LogIncineratorCharlieTurn around after finding Secret 35: Photos of Victims to find this secret on another table.
43: Grand Opening InvitationCigarettesCharlieOn a china cabinet by the left windows.
44: Driver's LicenseHomesteadJamieAfter balancing along the high log to access a second higher platform, the secret is in a pile of leaves on the ground to the right.
45: Theme Park PhotoHomesteadJamieDirectly beside Secret 44: Driver's License.
46: Will AmendmentStaff OnlyJamieOpen the door next to the fuse box room where Jamie needs the code to enter. The document is in the top drawer of the desk straight ahead.
47: Custom Mask EmailDirector's SuiteKateOn a computer desk as Kate is exploring, on the right. It takes the form of printed email correspondence instead of being on the computer.
48: Children's BookReunionKateSitting in the lap of the corpse animatronic.
49: Sherman Tape 2Staff OnlyJamieAfter turning the power back on, Jamie has the option in the theater room to hit a red button on the wall. Hit it, watch the performance, and collect the tape when it falls from the one all the way to Jamie's right.
50: Degree CertificateLighthouseMarkAfter finding Du'Met's final business card, double back out of the bedroom and go right. The degree is in a box on a table in the corner.

Special Circumstances For Finding The Secrets

It's worth noting that some secrets can only be obtained after specific actions have been completed, or when playing in certain game modes. We've listed the secrets with special requirements and any notes on them below.

One of the biggest limitations to you completing your collection is the need to begin the game again with the Curator's Cut, which unlocks the final two secrets.

  • To find Secret 2: FBI Badge, Charlie must have survived the incinerator trap in Ignition. Nobody else enters this area during your playthrough, so Charlie is the only one capable of finding it.
  • To find Secret 25: Real Human Teeth, you must successfully hide as Mark in the scene, as well as not fail any QTEs before regaining control of him to explore the area.
  • Secret 27: Sherman Tape 4 is unmissable – it unlocks after the cutscene of Du'Met and the smoking, animatronic corpse.
  • To find Secret 28: Lucinda Munday Medical Report and Secret 17: Funeral Invitation, you must be playing the Curator's Cut of the game, which is unlocked after beating it once through in the Theatrical Cut. The Party scene is not included in the Theatrical Cut.

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