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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Mannequins Scene Walkthrough

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  • A Recreation Of Dinner

After multiple attempts on their lives so far in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, the crew members of Lonnit Entertainment have begun to panic and are trying to find a way out of the hotel. Charlie fell through a trap door, Erin might be dead, Du’Met has fled the island, and things are only getting creepier the more the crew explores.

But they haven’t found one of the strangest things the killer has on display yet. There’s not much action in here, but follow along with our guide below to make the most of your dialogue choices in this extra-creepy scene.

While there aren't many meaningful decisions to be made in this specific scene, games in The Dark Pictures Anthology are infamous for choices that can dramatically impact your gameplay.

We've played The Devil in Me several times over to ensure our guides are as informational as possible.

A Recreation Of Dinner

Kate and Mark are looking around the hotel for their crewmates and find the front door locked and gated. They begin to hear voices coming from nearby, and they cautiously head to the dining room together to check it out.

What they find in there is actually a collection of mannequins bearing their crew’s likeness, and the sound they’re hearing is a recording of their conversation earlier during the Dinner scene.

While you don’t control any real action, Mark has one chance to respond to Kate in conversation. It doesn’t impact their relationship for the Rekindled trophy, but choosing to be reassuring will make Mark more practical.

Once you’ve inspected all five mannequins up close, Mark and Kate hear footsteps quickly coming toward the dining room. The pair tuck against the wall next to the door together, where you’ll be made to complete a Keep Calm segment.

If you pass the event, you'll get the option to strike the person coming through the door if you’d like. However, it’s Jamie coming, also lured by the sound of the recording – if you strike her, it decreases your relationship with Jamie.

But since it’s just Jamie coming, there’s no real consequence for failing the Keep Calm segment.

You have one last chance to impact Mark’s relationship with Jamie once she’s in the room with him and Kate.

Mark Talking To Jamie

ToneResponseRelationship Consequence
ProbingWhat happened?Decrease to Jamie's relationship
EmpatheticGlad you're okay.Increase to Jamie's relationship

Jamie gives Mark and Kate some information until one of the mannequins malfunctions, revealing some terrifying information.

The scene ends with the three trying to flee, only to find the exits locked.

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