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The Callisto Protocol Contains "Murder Desserts," Which Are Less Delicious Than They Sound

We're less than two months away from The Callisto Protocol's arrival. The game promises a spiritual successor to Dead Space courtesy of Striking Distance and former co-creator Glen Schofield, and from what we've seen so far, it'll definitely capture the dreadful feeling of Dead Space. It'll also kill you over and over again.

But apparently, dying is part of the fun. In an interview with VG247, chief technical officer Mark James said that the player will actually be rewarded (sort of) with unique death scenes for every possible way Jacob Lee can meet a gruesome end.

Striking Distance even gave these scenes a special name: "Murder Desserts."

"That’s what we call them – these brutal moments when you die – that’s what we call them internally," James said with a laugh. "Because, to us, it feels like the kind of reward at the end of a meal, you know? Glen loved them in the original Dead Space, and we’ve doubled down on them even more in The Callisto Protocol. It feels like we reward you even for failing."

What's interesting about these Murder Desserts is that there are so many different ways for Jacob Lee to die. Each enemy type will have its own unique kill animations, and there will be unique environmental kills as well. James described one such level that's full of wood chippers, also revealing the fact there's a logging operation on a moon orbiting Jupiter.

Trophy hunters will be encouraged to try pressing every button and hugging every enemy. There's an achievement/trophy for viewing each death in Callisto Protocol at least once.

"People are going to work through our game, and they’re going to be like 'oh I’ve not died that way before, fantastic!'" James added.

Fans who were expecting a big announcement on September 29 will be happy to note that Striking Distance announced a Collector's Edition for The Callisto Protocol is now available for pre-order. You'll get a small statue of Jacob Lee fighting one of Callisto's mutant enemies, a sketchbook, and some in-game digital cosmetics when Callisto Protocol arrives on December 2.

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