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The Biggest Gaming News For November 19, 2022

Here we are on yet another weekend. Saturdays are all about staying up late to play video games and so I really can’t blame you for getting behind on the biggest industry news, but I can help you get back up to speed in a hurry, so let’s go ahead and get started. Today, we found out that Warzone 2 players have been asked to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 if they plan to continue playing, people have been demanding refunds on account of the bugs and glitches in the recently released Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and a music producer on God of War Ragnarok didn’t make the credit scroll on account of not hitting the “minimum criteria.” These are just our top stories and so read on for the rest.

Warzone 2 Is Telling Players To Buy Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 If They Want To Continue Playing

Warzone 2 players have apparently been getting prompted to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 if they intend to keep playing the game. "Since yesterday, I played probably around six Warzone 2 matches with no problem (finished my last match a few minutes ago). Now, when I try to play it, when I click Battle Royale Solos, I get the ‘Purchase Modern Warfare 2 to have access to everything’ window (I've also tried the other battle royale variants with the same result). I've restarted the game and my PC, but that didn't help,” the user on Reddit going by the name of Unf0cused remarked.

Activision Blizzard Denies Being Bribed To Not Compete With Google

Activision Blizzard has denied claims about the company being effectively bribed by Google into not creating its own app store so as to avoid competition. "Google never asked us, pressured us, or made us agree not to compete with them," Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs Lulu Cheng Meservey remarked about the matter. "We’ve already submitted documents and testimony disproving this nonsense."

God Of War Ragnarok Music Producer Says She Wasn't Credited After Not Hitting "Minimum Criteria"

Music Producer on God of War Ragnarok Jessica Mao recently took to Twitter saying that she was denied credit for having worked on the game. "Unfortunately, my name is not in the credits and apparently it can't be added in a patch update,” Mao said on the social media platform. “I was told that to be credited, my contribution to the game must hit some ‘minimum criteria,’ hence my tweet from Monday. Still not sure what this criteria could be." Mao noted how "this was incredibly disappointing and discouraging for me to learn and I'd hate for anyone else to go through it. Game developers, please credit everyone who participates in the development of a game. It only makes sense.”

Pokemon Fans Demand Refunds Over Scarlet & Violet Bugs And Performance Issues

The recently released Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been facing hefty criticism for its bugs and performance issues, prompting some people to ask for a refund of the purchase. "Just got approved for an eShop refund for my Pokemon Scarlet preorder. If you're not liking the game, I urge you to do so as well," the user on Reddit going by the name of Sellouthipster for example said.

Wizards Of The Coast Shuts Down Popular Custom MTG Card Site

Wizards of the Coast has been pursuing cases of copyright infringement, taking down the popular community project called Card Conjurer. “I have to be thankful that they asked me to take it down before pursuing legal action,” the owner, simply known as Kyle, explained. “However, this completely destroys me. I know I’m only 20, but Card Conjurer feels like my life’s work. I taught myself how to code in high school by starting Card Conjurer. I was really proud of it and it means a lot to me personally.” Kyle added that “what I do next is uncertain. I don't think I'll abandon Card Conjurer, but I must shut down for now. I hope to return in the future with a new version, oriented towards fully custom cards for game designers. But unfortunately, the days of being a custom Magic card creator are over. It was great while it lasted.”

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