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The Biggest Gaming News For December 31, 2022

Please allow me to first of all wish you Happy New Year. Well, now that we’ve gotten past the formalities, how about we dive right into the details of the biggest gaming news? I can only imagine that you’ve been distracted with all of the festivities and so you’ve probably gotten behind, but don’t worry because I’ve got this roundup for you at the ready. Today, we heard that Redfall is targeting a release in May, MultiVersus might get a character with a hook, and the source code for Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded has been leaked online. These are just our top stories and so read on for the rest.

Redfall Is Reportedly Targeting A Release In May

Redfall is apparently going to be released in May, at least if recent reports are to be believed. This upcoming first person shooter by developer Arkane and publisher Bethesda previously had no firm launch window for potential players to think about, but the whole matter should now be somewhat more concrete. Well, that’s in theory.

Three Unannounced Silent Hill Games Are Reportedly In Development

The biggest rumor at the moment is that up to three unannounced Silent Hill games are in development. The news comes from an industry insider, Dusk Golem, who described how “there's at least three Silent Hill projects which haven't been announced yet, not including the Short Message. Yes, really. But one of them is in very early development" This could be something to get excited about for the future.

MultiVersus' Director Seems To Be Teasing A Character With A Grappling Hook

Game Director on MultiVersus Tony Huynh seems to be suggesting that a character with a hook will soon be coming to this popular brawler. The developer randomly said “swinging from grapplehooks” on Twitter, something which raised more than a few eyebrows. The speculation about which character this could possibly be has of course been running rampant on social media.

Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded Source Code Leaked

The source code for Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded, a canceled fan project by Interceptor with approval from intellectual property rights holder Gearbox, appears to have been leaked, surfacing online. "We remain impressed by the passion and talent that the Duke Nukem fans at Interceptor showed when developing their fan project and were disappointed when the team announced their decision to discontinue work on it,” a spokesperson at Gearbox said shortly after the cancellation. What this means for the project going forward remains to be seen.

Vampire Survivors Creator On Game's Success: "I Have No Idea"

The person behind the smash hit Vampire Survivors apparently has “no idea” what made the game such a success. “I have no idea which makes it really scary,” the developer noted. “Since launch, I’ve been trying to not look at numbers or at what’s happening online specifically to not get too carried away, kept my head down and kept working on the game and on the company, focusing almost entirely on the feedback from the players in Discord and the Steam forums. The one thing I’m sure made a difference though is our community managers who did and are doing an incredible job at keeping communications open with the players!”

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