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The Attention Arcade Is A New Gaming Platform That Helps Children Improve Their Focus

BreainLeap Technologies is rolling out a new platform to help kids focus through gaming.

The Attention Arcade contains a whole host of games that uses eye track technology to allow kids to play their way through games that well help develop and improve focus skills. These PC games were developed through clinical trials through the University of California, San Diego and were backed by the National Institutes of Health. Participants in the trial ranged in age from nine to 25 and all showed improved attention skills in at least one measure, while the majority of the subjects improved more broadly across shifting attention effectively, inhibitory control, and improved focus.

There are six games in the Attention Arcade, each designed to help improve the users focus by centering everything around eye motion. BrainLeap’s Attention Arcade consists of Dr. Mole & Mr. Hide, Shroomdigger, Space Race, Kung Fall, Butterfly Bob, and Trapped-A-Zoid, each with distinct missions and game play. The first three on the list appear right away, while the latter half requires a certain amount of time logged to unlock. Dr. Mole & Mr. Hide is basically Whack-a-Mole, but with your eyes and one extra little hurdle. Instead of a free-for-all where anything that pops up is fair game, players have to focus on bopping bandit moles and avoiding the professor moles—competing this quickly helps to improve sudden but effective attention switching. Butterfly Bob puts players in the driver seat of a diligent little pollinator, Bob, who has to collect nectar without running in to any obstacles. Using nothing but your eyes, getting Bob through the obstacles and enemies will improve anticipatory focus and prioritization.

These games are currently available through BrainLeap and there are two subscription plans. For $39/month, users get access to all of the games. But because a Tobii eye tracker is also required to play, the $49/month—plus $100 refundable deposit—plan is much better for the average player as it includes an eye tracking rig and they retail for over $200. With the world spending more and more time on their screens it’s good to see something that will help kids develop these essential skills hit the market.

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