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The AOC Among Us Stream Had Amazing Comedic Timing

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played Among Us for the very first time last night, and she did it with over 450,000 people watching just in the first hour alone. Along with popular streamers Dr. Lupo, Pokimane, Hasan, Myth, Maia, and DisguisedToast, AOC spoke directly to young gamers telling them to get out and vote so that we can at least end 2020 on a high note.

Although the main purpose of the event was to encourage voting, it was also incredibly entertaining. There were plenty of great comedic moments starting with the very first kill of the game.

AOC might not have wanted to start out as the impostor, but as luck would have it, she and Toast got tapped to be the first pair of roving murderers. Her very first kill was against Maia and it was entirely an accident too. AOC meant to click on the vent but hit Maia instead. She then tried to vent again, only to accidentally report the body.

On Maia’s end, she was thrilled to have been murdered by the most beloved politician in America.

She put up a good showing, but AOC eventually got caught and “won the vote,” which in Among Us resulted in her being ejected into space.

But perhaps the funniest moment was between Maia and Congressional representative Ilhan Omar. Maia thought that Ilhan’s track record of advocating for affordable housing, universal healthcare, and a living wage meant she’d be incapable of murder.

“Ilhan, I trust you with my life,” Maia said. “You will not murder me, correct?”


Twitter has now declared this Among Us kill as the best anime betrayal of all time. Ilhan, for her part, responded to Maia’s accusation by letting her know just how seriously she approaches a game like Among Us.

Hopefully, AOC, Ilhan, and the rest of the gang do another of these streams before the vote on November 4.

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