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The 9 Best Side Quests In God Of War Ragnarok, Ranked

In God of War Ragnarok, Svartalfheim is the first realm you visit outside the opening, where you’ve just been attacked by Freya, talked down to by Odin, and momentarily killed by Thor. In this realm, you’ll get your first side quest (In Service of Asgard), or a 'favor' as it’s called in Ragnarok, introducing you to what you can expect from oncoming favors.

Including In Service of Asgard, there are 47 available favors spread across the various realms, though most are in Vanaheim. They’re all extremely puzzle heavy and only unlock depending on where you are in the story. With so many to dive into, you might need extra help deciding which to prioritize.

Warning: This list contains spoilers for the post-game story.

9/9 Muspelheim Trials

  • Location –

  • Significant Rewards
    – Various chest loot

Before you can even think about starting the Muspelheim Trials, you’ll need to acquire the Muspelheim seed halves. Both seeds are located in Svartalfheim – one in a legendary chest at Modvitnir’s Rig (best done alongside the “In Service of Asgard” quest). The second in another legendary chest on Dragon Beach. After getting the two seeds, you’re free to enter Muspelheim at your leisure.

Inside you’ll complete various challenges, of which there are 15. You’ll receive a chest with exclusive rewards at the end of each. The first few levels are relatively easy, so you’ll need to wait for those later stages if you're after a challenge.

8/9 The Eyes Of Odin

  • Location
    – Realm Between Realms

  • Significant
    – Legendary chest loot, Niflheim's Justice amulet, Hilt of Forsbrandr

To complete The Eyes of Odin favor, which spans the many realms, you’ll have to take out all 48 of Odin’s Ravens. After taking out a few of these, you can unlock one of the six legendary chests. Once you unlock all the chests, you’re faced with a boss fight against a being named The Raven Keeper.

There was always more going on than a simple elimination quest, and lucky you that you’re the person who gets to solve the root of the problem. It’s well worth going after all the ravens for the rewards you’ll gain.

7/9 Across The Realms

  • Location
    – Midgard, Svartalfheim, Vanaheim, Alfheim

  • Significant
    – Meal of Comfort

Across the realms is the quickest of the favors if you exclude the time taken to travel between realms. It’s a simple fetch quest taking you to Midgard, Svartalfheim, Vanaheim, and Alfheim. In these realms are ingredients noted in a recipe book at Midgard’s Eternal Campfire. Once getting all four, you can return to the campfire and mix for one of the most beneficial rewards in the game.

The ingredients will form something called "Meal of Comfort," which permanently increases all of your stats by five. It's a worthy reward for higher difficulties and worth checking out since you get a story from Mimir at the end of the mission.

6/9 The Lost Lindwyrms

  • Location
    – Realm Between Realms, Svartalfheim, Vanaheim

  • Significant Rewards
    – Lindwyrm scales

Only available to play once defeating Nidhogg during The Reckoning quest, the character Ratatoskr asks you to help bring back Nidhogg's children so he can look after them now their mother has passed. Kratos having nothing more impending than the fate of all the realms, decides to aid in this particular matter.

You'll find four of the Lindwyrms in Svartalfheim and the remaining two in Vanaheim. Simply walk up to the appropriate realm tears, and collect them into the device Ratatoskr gave you. Once all six are in your possession, head back to Ratatoskr and complete the quest to receive some well-deserved XP.

5/9 Born From Fire – Hel To Pay

  • Location
    – Alfheim, Midgard, Svartalfheim, Vanaheim, Helheim

  • Significant Rewards –
    x6 Chaos Spark, x6 Frozen Spark

Born from Fire and Hel to Pay are two similar favors that are important to complete as they'll allow you to upgrade your blades and axe. In Born from Fire, you need to close six Draugr holes, with each rewarding you with a Chaos Spark. In Hel to Pay, you must close all Hel tears, each rewarding a singular Frozen Spark. By the end of both missions, you can head to the shop to upgrade your weapons.

They aren't the most exciting or even the most challenging side quests in Ragnarok, but they're necessary for making Kratos more powerful.

4/9 The Mysterious Orb

  • Location
    – Vanaheim

  • Significant Rewards
    – 1000 Kratos XP

The Mysterious Orb is one of those quests you're likely to complete without meaning to, as you can find the orb through a general exploration of Vanaheim. Your story begins in Freyr's camp when Lunda asks to speak with you. Lunda will ask you to find a mysterious orb back in the workspace she was forced to flee during Odin's attack. At this point, you're unaware of what this orb could be or the drastic power it wields, but being a video game protagonist, you search for it anyway.

Go to the Veiled Passage near the bottom of Vanaheim's map and dock your boat. The first thing you'll spot is the orb. Return to Lunda to learn all about its dastardly origins.

3/9 The Elven Sanctum

  • Location
    – Alfheim

  • Significant Rewards
    – Consul's Journal

The Elven Sanctum is another favor taken up at Freyr's camp by talking to Elves Beyla and Byggvir, but you won't be able to play it until making your way back to Alfheim. Once there, go to The Barrens and through a passage to the left, where there's a chisel access point. Go through the door once opened and carry on forward until entering the Sanctum. Inside are scrolls, lore markers, treasure maps, a legendary chest, and the Consul's Journal. Take everything you'd like and leave the way you came in.

Before you can complete the quest, the Sanctums keeper, The Maven will fight you; though, after a short scene, Kratos will convince her to allow them to leave with the knowledge for the better of the Elves.​​​​​​​

2/9 The Broken Prison

  • Location
    – Niflheim

  • Significant Rewards
    – Meeting the real God of War

Late in the main story, it's revealed how Tyr has been Odin in disguise this whole time, and everything you've learned about Ragnarok, Odin is now aware of too. If you're wondering what happened to the real Tyr, you do get the chance to find out, but not until a post-game quest called The Broken Prison.

To begin the quest, travel to Niflheim, cross the bridge near the Raven Tree, and continue forward until you get to a cell with a familiar face inside. This time it's the real Tyr awaiting you, no illusions. You'll free him shortly after a scene between Kratos, Freya, and Mimir, but Tyr will inform you he needs space before taking residence in your home.

1/9 A Viking Funeral

  • Location
    – Svartalfheim

  • Significant Rewards
    – Accompanying a dear friend

An unexpected death for one of The Norse duology's most beloved characters, the favor A Viking Funeral is another only playable after completing the main story. You'll obtain the quest by going to Sindri's house and speaking to Lunda, who is now running the keep. She will tell you they're holding Brok's funeral in Svartalfheim and to meet them there.

Go to the tavern in Svartalfheim to meet up with Brok's friends; they will take you to where the funeral is being held. From here, all you have to do is watch as everyone says goodbye to Brok. Nobody says anything, but each has a role to play. In the end, Sindri walks away, beginning a new chapter in his life.

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