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The 10 Strongest Psychic-Type Pokemon In Generation III (Based On Stats)

The only trainer in the entire Hoenn league that is weak to Psychic-type moves is Brawly, the Fighting-type gym leader in Dewford Town. But, that doesn’t mean Psychic-types aren’t very useful in the region more generally.

If you’re looking to add some Psychic-types to your team, Hoenn has your back, as it’s filled to the brim with powerful Pokemon of the type. Several of Hoenn’s Legendaries and Mythicals even utilize the Psychic-type. If you’re looking to find the strongest in terms of stats, though, look no further than the Pokemon on this list.

10 Metang

As a member of a pseudo-Legendary family, it’s no surprise that Metang would make an appearance on this list. The middle stage of the Beldum line, Metang is a Steel/Psychic-type with an impressive base stat total of 420.

Much of this goes to its highest stat, defense (100 points), but it also has great numbers in attack (75) and special defense (80), especially for a Pokemon that hasn’t even finished evolving.

9 Chimecho

Chimecho is a Psychic-type from Generation III that many probably missed in their original playthroughs. It’s extremely hard to find, and it isn’t really promoted throughout the game. Unless you tried to complete the Pokedex or you stumbled upon one, you might have just missed it entirely.

However, it has a decent base stat total that make it pretty okay in battle. At 425 points, Chimecho’s base stat total is decent, and it excels in special attack (95) and special defense (80). In Generation VII, its stats were bumped up 30 points, bringing its special defense to 90 and physical defense to 80.

8 Solrock and Lunatone

Solrock and Lunatone, like Chimecho, also had their stats changed in a later generation. These two Pokemon are not technically a part of the same evolutionary family, but they are a pair that are always associated with one another as if they were part of the same family. They also both boast decent base stat totals.

In Generation III, they both had a base stat total of 440. Solrock has higher physical stats, while Lunatone excels more in special stats. In Generation VII, their stats were increased to 460, too.

7 Grumpig

Grumpig feels like one of those Pokemon that is often overlooked, but it has a surprisingly good set of stats. Evolving from Spoink at level 32, Grumpig isn’t too hard to obtain, and it has a base stat total that deserves a second look: 470.

It’s distributed heavily into special stats, with 90 in special attack and 110 in special defense. But, its HP and speed stats of 80 are respectable, too.

6 Claydol

Claydol is actually a pretty intimidating-looking Pokemon, and it has a pretty good base stat total to match. This Ground/Psychic-type Pokemon has a base stat total of 500 with a very defensive distribution. Claydol has 105 physical defense and 120 special defense.

This is actually the highest base special defense of all Ground-types, which is worth noting for sure. They’re pretty easy to obtain, too. You can get one as early as Route 111 in Hoenn, where Baltoy can be caught and evolved at level 36.

5 Gardevoir

A Pokemon that many are probably unsurprised to see on this list is Gardevoir. This Psychic-type (now a Psychic/Fairy-type) is a famously powerful option for trainers to choose in the Hoenn region, especially given how early a Ralts can be caught in the games.

Gardevoir has an impressive base stat total of 518, with 125 points in special attack and 115 in special defense. These stats allow Gardevoir to tear through many enemies with poor special defense, of which there are many.

4 Deoxys

As a Mythical Pokemon, Deoxys has a base stat total of 600, like pretty much every other Mythical. However, while many Mythicals like Mew and Celebi have exactly 100 in each stat, Deoxys’ distribution is a little more interesting. In its Normal Form, is has 150 points in attack, special attack, and speed.

But, it’s able to switch between Attack, Defense, and Speed forms, boosting the respective stats by insane amounts, including but not limited to 180 in attack (Attack Form), 160 in physical and special defense (Defense Form), and 180 in speed (Speed Form), which is a former record.

3 Jirachi

One of the aformentioned Mythical Pokemon with exactly 100 in every stat is Jirachi, the other Mythical from the Hoenn region alongside Deoxys. Interestingly, both are Psychic-types. Jirachi is also a Steel-type, though, which might imply it has high defense, but it has even stats across the board, totalling 600.

Unfortunately, due to its similar distribution to many other Mythicals and even spread, there isn’t really anything interesting to say about Jirachi’s stats. However, if you can get your hands on one, it’s a powerful option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

2 Latios and Latias

A Legendary pair of Pokemon, Latios and Latias make up a group called the Eon Duo. Both are Psychic/Dragon-types and have the same base stat total of 600. However, their stats are distributed differently.

Latios favors attacking, with 90 in physical attack and 130 in special attack. Latias is more defense-oriented, with 90 in physical defense and 130 in special defense. Their 80 in HP and 110 in speed is the same for both, though.

1 Metagross

Many lists of the strongest Pokemon of different contexts end in a Legendary Pokemon, but this one has a tie at the top spot. Instead of just ending with Mythicals Deoxys and Jirachi and Legendaries Latios and Latias, there’s a pseudo-Legendary that holds its own with 600 as well: Metagross.

This Steel/Psychic-type has an impressive base stat total on par with its Legendary and Mythical peers. Interestingly, as a Steel-type, it actually favors attack over defense. Metagross has 135 base attack and 130 base defense. Its special stats are respectable too, with 95 in special attack and 90 in special defense. This is one of the best options for a Psychic-type Pokemon in the entire series, but especially in Generation III in the Hoenn region.

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