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The 10 Hardest Modern Co-Op Games, Ranked

Who doesn’t love a good Co-op mode in a videogame? Many gamers of a certain age started off playing on consoles where the only multiplayer available was by plugging in a second controller, and, in between fighting whoever was next to you, there was also the option to take on challenges together.

However, as gamers get older, they often look for harder challenges, and now almost every player has the option to team up with someone not physically next to them through the power of the internet – and it’s still a ton of fun. With all that in mind, here are some of the hardest modern co-op games for you and your friends to try.

10 Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Zombies

Call of Duty’s Zombie Mode has had several changes since it was introduced in Call of Duty: World at War, but the core of it remains familiar and surprisingly difficult. Thankfully, the game mode has returned once again with Call of Duty: Cold War.

The challenge of Call of Duty’s Zombies comes from the speed with which the zombies can end you and the finite ammunition. Worse yet, those zombies have a nasty tendency to sneak up on you. Even with a full party, you’re not going to have enough people to cover every entry point, and sometimes you just have to give up certain rooms to the zombies.

9 Temtem

Temtem is an RPG heavily inspired by Pokemon. Players are Temtem “Tamers” who befriend and battle with other Tamers. Like Pokemon, it has types that are weak and strong against one another, and you have to train up your Temtems to be better battlers.

One twist on Temtem is that it’s an MMO experience, and players can team up with one another to challenge the world of Temtem. Furthermore, Temtem makes up for the difficulty that Pokemon has been lacking in more recent iterations, though higher-level players can help lower-level players clear areas that don’t scale up.

8 Cadence of Hyrule

Cadence of Hyrule is a fresh take on the rhythm game genre. It’s a sort-of sequel to Crypt of the Necrodancer that takes Cadence to the land of Hyrule in a Legend of Zelda crossover.

You can take on an ally with Cadence of Hyrule, allowing one player to play as Cadence and the other as Link. The two heroes have to take on monsters, bosses, and other challenges while keeping up with the beat of the song playing in the given area.

This can sound easy on the surface, but, as the chaos ramps up, it gets exponentially more difficult. The player has to start planning out their moves several beats in advance, and things become quite complex.

7 Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 reaches back a couple of years further back to 2018, but it’s still a fresh and surprisingly difficult experience. It’s a cooking simulator that encourages players to take on its world together. Players have to fulfill increasingly complex orders at an increasingly fast pace.

Things can get very intense very quickly, and it’s easy for chefs to get in one another’s way. Dividing the labor is ideal, but even that can go wrong quickly if not done right.

6 We Were Here Together

We Were Here Together is the latest entry into the We Were Here series, which has enabled players to take on its challenges together. It’s a puzzling game with a story and some horror elements.

The puzzles can get quite complex and difficult, and communication is everything. Each player has a walkie-talkie, and neither player will have all the information needed to solve the puzzle. Cooperation is not only a perk of the game; it’s required.

5 Demon’s Souls Remastered

Demon’s Souls Remastered is just the latest release in the line of FromSoftware series of dark fantasy action RPGs. The formula has been more or less the same through the original Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls Trilogy, and the jaunty and bloody trip through Bloodborne.

Even if you’re used to the formula, it can still be difficult, and that’s why the game allows players to summon the help of others to help them tackle the world. However, the original player has to survive for progress to be made. Also, summoning help for boss fights increases the boss’ total HP.

4 Remnant: From The Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes is a game that is very reminiscent of Dark Souls, though it does offer its own unique quirks. Among them are more expressive characters, actual guns, and cooperative gameplay that can be set up from the get-go.

Remnant wants its players to engage in cooperative play more than Dark Souls does, and it even goes so far as giving the group teamwork bonuses for playing together. However, the world is still challenging, and a team won’t necessarily make Remnant an easy experience.

3 Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is a slightly older entry for this list given that it came out in 2016. However, it’s still a challenging game that puts its own spin on the resource-managing survival game experience. Don’t Starve already had a beautifully grim visual design, and that continues on with Don’t Starve Together.

Don’t Starve Together is a unique and difficult survival game, and it doesn’t necessarily get easier with a friend. The group has to work together to maintain the resources needed to survive the cruel and unforgiving world.


GTFO is a cooperative survival horror from Swedish developers 10 Chambers Collective. It focuses on a team of prisoners forced to investigate the caverns beneath the Chicxulub Crater to complete tasks set out by a mysterious Warden.

This game is exceedingly difficult and will force players to replay the same areas over and over again until they get everything down. On top of that, the monsters that the player will face are going to be intense, brutal, and unnerving. This game is still in early access with no announced full launch date. However, it’s already worth checking out even in its early access form.

1 Cuphead

This is another slightly older entry, but one that remains captivating, challenging, and downright beautiful to this day. Cuphead is a challenging animated adventure that shows why you shouldn’t make deals with the devil.

In cooperative mode on Cuphead, the two cups must work together battle and survive an onslaught of angry enemies and a series of brutal bosses as they try to break out of their ill-conceived deal with the devil.

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