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The 10 Best Armor Sets In God Of War Ragnarok, Ranked

God of War Ragnarok has released with a plethora of overwhelmingly positive reviews. The game is an excellent sequel to the 2018 modern classic, mainly due to how somber and sincere the story has shaped up to be. God of War: Ragnarok offers much more than a great story and three-dimensional characters, though, providing players with a mix of intense action and satisfying gameplay.

One RPG-like mechanic in God of War Ragnarok is the upgradable sets of armor. These armor sets focus on different stats and strategies and have the perfect lore-friendly flavor. Here are the best of the bunch.

10/10 Spiritual

The Spiritual armor set is the best choice for the players that love spamming runic attacks, as it reduces cooldown and gives Kratos buffs after using said special attacks. The armor is certainly helpful, allowing your runic attacks, which are already powerful, to become even more beneficial.

Unfortunately, in terms of aesthetics, the armor is a bit underwhelming. While that's up to personal preference at the end of the day, Kratos looks best in barbarian-like simple armors or full-on plated outfits. This one sits just a tad awkward on Kratos.

9/10 Hunter

Unless you're playing the game on lower difficulties, you're bound to encounter a few battles where you're barely standing and resort to what would be called un-heroic tactics. We've all been there, afraid of enemies rushing you down and spamming axe throws combined with companion attacks. Boss fights induce even more fear of getting chased down.

While it may not be the most Kratos-like approach to combat, it works. Especially when you're low on health, ranged combat can be a life-saving option. Fortunately, the Hunter's armor set gives a sizable buff to all ranged attacks, allowing players to zone out opponents. The armor is great at what it does, but is one-note, thus not living up to some other sets.

8/10 Nidavellir's Finest

One of the most satisfying things you can do in God of War Ragnarok during combat is to stun enemies. As you focus on companion and unarmored attacks, a grey bar called the Stun Meter will fill up, eventually allowing you to perform a Stun Grab, a devastating attack that's unblockable.

This armor set gives Kratos a Health Burst upon Stun Grabbing an enemy, providing even more incentive to do so. The stats aren't bad either, and thus Nidavellir's Armor is a great pick for early to mid-game. The armor also looks beautiful, not too flashy but aesthetically pleasing, with overlapping shoulder pads and gold plating.

7/10 Undying Pyres

In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos uses the elements to his advantage as best as he can. They also play a fairly impactful role, as many enemies are immune or resistant to certain elements. Besides the already-known Permafrost and Immolation, Kratos gets access to a new element in Maelstrom in this game.

Kratos will activate one of these elemental buffs when you land several blows without getting hit. The Undying Pyres armor set buffs these elemental effects, incresing the gain rate for each and even giving Kratos a gauge safety for a hit, since the aforementioned elemental gauges get reset upon being hit.

6/10 Radiance

God of War Ragnarok runs on a combat system that revolves around dodging, blocking, and finding openings to strike your enemies down. With that being the case, learning to time your parries perfectly and honing your reactions can be extremely useful, especially in higher-difficulty settings. The Radiance armor set is perfect for you if you've got last-second dodges and parries down to a T.

This armor gives you Runic buffs and even a short time-slow on a successful last-second dodge. It goes without saying that slowing down time is fantastic, especially during the chaos of combat with several enemies at once. Maybe not the best option for newer players, though. It also feels like you're already winning if you can consistently dodge at the last second, making the armor feel a bit redundant.

5/10 Dragon Scaled

Dragon Scaled armor is a simple armor in theory. It adds to Strength and Defense, being one of the least complicated. This is the armor for you if you play the game rarely using effects, runes, and the like. Luckily, it's excellent at what it aims to do. What keeps this set from higher rankings is the simplicity of what it provides.

This armor also gives you bonuses for blocks and successful parries. It's obvious what the designers had in mind with this one. A Kratos that brawls his way through waves of enemies without bothering much with various advantages, opting for a duel-like, stripped-down attack and parry. You also get to look badass while you're doing it.

4/10 Guiding Light

On the absolute flip side, we have the Guiding Light armor set. This armor boosts your Luck stat and has effects that activate according to your luck stat. You could get critical strikes as well as bonuses to your stats occasionally.

While not as static and reliable as some of the other armors, the Guiding Light set is an absolute blast to use, seeing how you become even more godly when the effect procs. It also has a great visual, with gold detailing and blue plates, leading to a general-like vibe for Kratos. With that being said, not having a guaranteed effect and underwhelming stats hurt this set's claim to greatness.

3/10 Fallen Stars

The Fallen Stars is a bit like the Spiritual set in that it buffs Kratos's runic attacks and relic usage. It's on the defensive side, as the chest piece reduces the damage you take while using said attacks. The rest of the armor reduces the cooldown of runic or relic attacks if you do get hit while performing them.

The package of damage reduction and the consolation of reducing cooldown is perfect for players that love utilizing special attacks instead of direct weapon combat. The armor also looks terrific, with gold, stonelike platings placed in a metal brace. The color pops, and the plates genuinely feel like they were carved from an actual fallen star, making it fall higher on the list.

2/10 Surtr's Set

Kratos has been portrayed in several different games with varying power sets and personalities throughout the years. However, he's always been an unstoppable powerhouse, barring the occasional beating he gets. This indomitable force of nature is perfectly represented in Surtr's armor set, making it one of the best armors in the game.

This particular armor reduces the damage Kratos takes while performing attacks and increases the damage you deal them during their attacks. With very respectable stats, too, this armor is perfect if you plan on plowing through waves of enemies. The look feels slightly out of character for Kratos, but the effect is worth it.

1/10 Steinbjorn

Steinbjorn is the armor to use if you're sick of taking a beating from monsters. This armor gives the most significant buff to your Defense stat out of all the armor and has an excellent defensive effect as well. The armor pieces all grant small defensive bonuses upon taking damage, which is a great consolation.

The look of this armor is also consistent with what it does. Made of heavy, full-plate stones, the armor truly feels protective. While covering up Kratos' godly muscles is never preferred, at least this armor keeps the sturdy, unyielding nature intact. An incredible stat buff and great complimentary effect makes the Steinbjorn armor the best one.

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