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Test Drive Fans Aren’t Happy With Solar Crown’s Latest Trailer

Test Drive Unlimited fans aren't happy with the latest trailer for Solar Crown, Nacon's upcoming entry in the open-world racing subseries. Players are saying the game was introduced too early, and that no gameplay shared in two years is "an immediate red flag."

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown was announced all the way back in 2020, but all we've seen so far is a few vague screenshots. Fans were eagerly waiting for the gameplay reveal during the recent Nacon Connect 2022 stream, only to get another "in-game footage" clip featuring a couple of seconds of two cars moving through a dark street. As you'd expect, such a move didn't go well with the community.

The official video on YouTube has got over 22,000 views with only 600 likes at the time of writing, and several hundred comments, most of which express heavy concerns instead of enthusiasm. "This game is officially off my wishlist," "All excitement that I once held for this game is now gone," "Waiting a year to only see a minute long trailer with no gameplay is an immediate red flag," few of the most popular opinions read. Some have even compared their Solar Crown excitement to the hype of Fast & Furious Crossroads and Morbius. Clearly, not a good sign.

All in all, players believe Nacon made the mistake of introducing the next Test Drive Unlimited title too early. Considering the new footage, fans think Solar Crown is still very early in development; that's why the team has little to show two years since the official reveal, and the game is being pushed to 2023.

"This is all they could bring for the event given this game had an original release window of September. Doubt there's even much of a game, maybe in 2 years they'll have something," another commenter said.

KT Racing announced earlier that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Solar Crown are being canceled to make it "the most polished gaming experience in the franchise." Let's hope things are not as troubled as fans suspect.

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