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Tell Me Why – How To Solve The Extra Barn Attic Puzzles

While you’re exploring the attic in the final chapter of Tell Me Why you will notice a series of puzzles that you aren’t required to solve before moving on to the game’s conclusion. While you could focus only on the mandatory puzzles and reach a satisfying conclusion to the game, these extra barn attic puzzles will give you a more fleshed out understanding about the twins’ mother and her life. Considering the entire purpose of the game, you’ll want to know how to solve these optional riddles.

How To Solve The Extra Barn Attic Puzzles In Tell Me Why

Despite these puzzles being optional, there will be some slight spoilers in terms of locations and context since you only access them in the game’s final chapter. Nothing the puzzles reveal will be spoiled, however, only their solutions.

The Old Bear’s Gift Puzzle

This puzzle is all about remembering what items the bear gave to the princess as gifts and selecting them from the picture. There are three items you need to select:

  1. The salmon hidden under one of the Lilly pads
  2. The berries in the bush on the bottom left
  3. Last the bluebell flowers behind the white bush on the far left

Select all three to open up a secret panel with a note.

The Old Beaver’s Repair List Puzzle

This puzzle involves choosing which areas on the house the animals repaired the house after it was damaged by a storm. The areas that were fixed are:

  1. The roof shingles
  2. The post on the right side of the house
  3. And the hole on the left of the house

Once you repair all three sections another panel will open revealing another note.

The Crafty Goblins’ Good Deeds Puzzle

In this puzzle, you need to recall what good deeds the goblins performed for the other creatures in the forest to repay their debt to the pelican. The good deeds are:

  1. Giving the princess a hug to console her when she was upset
  2. Scratching the moose on the back
  3. And breaking open the beehive for the bear

Once again you will be rewarded with another note to read.

The Crafty Goblins’ Loot

The final puzzle also involves the Crafty Goblins, only this time you need to select the items the goblins stole from the Princess in this story.

  1. The bowl of fruit off the table
  2. The carton of eggs from the shelf
  3. And the spoon hanging on the rack

With that, you will unlock your final extra piece of information in the attic to get a deeper understanding of the twins’ mother.

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