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Team Fortress 2 Update Quietly Downsized To Mostly Use Community Content

Last week, Valve announced "a full-on update-sized update", teasing items, maps, taunts, "and who knows what else?" However, it has quietly tweaked this blog post so that the "update-sized update" is now "holiday-sized", while removing the mention of "who knows what else?"

Instead, it lists "Items, maps, taunts, unusual effects, war paints, and other community-contributed fixes", pointing to this actually being a smaller-scale update that's community-oriented, rather than focusing on new and original TF2 content from Valve itself. This is made clear by a part of the post that has not changed, "We need Steam Workshop content! YOUR Steam Workshop content!"

Between the call for community creations and the subtle change to the wording, hopes for a proper TF2 update have been dashed, leaving fans bitter and disappointed. The last major, non-seasonal update was in October 2017 with Jungle Inferno, as the last few have been Halloween-themed updates to the Scream Fortress.

The removal of "and who knows what else?" in particular has fans worried, as it was replaced with the mention of community-contributed fixes. This seems to hint at a smaller scope than originally believed, while also leaving bug fixes to the fans, further limiting what the update is capable of doing. For instance, weapon balances are most likely out of the question.

In the quote retweets, you'll find a mix of upset, anger, and quiet contentment – many having expected it not to be as grand as it was hyped up to be. "People read 'update sized update' (which could mean anything and immediately jumped on a very unrealistic hype train, which forced valve to change it", @TF2SolarLight said.

This is the most likely reason, not because the actual update has been scaled down, especially given that the Workshop call was included in the original. Regardless, TF2 has been mired in controversy for years now, between its rampant botting problem and radio silence from Valve, all in spite of it being the eighth most-played game on Steam.

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