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Tandemaus Is Being Called Gen 9’s Cutest Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's Tandemaus, which are literally just two mice holding hands, is quickly being considered as one of the cutest 'mons in the series.

Scarlet & Violet might have more than its fair share of problems, but Gen 9 has had some absolute banger Pokemon designs that have quickly become fan favourites. Before release, we had the likes of Fidough, Lechonk, Quaxley, and more, but now that the game has actually released, the floodgates have truly opened for Paldea's favourite Pokemon.

Although there are a few new Pokemon that have quickly become popular over the past week, there's one that's quickly reigning above them all – Tandemaus. Wait, would that be two? Tandemaus might literally just be two mice holding hands, but its pure cuteness is overriding everyone's brains and having them call it one of the best Pokemon of Gen 9.

And who can blame them? Even if it is just two small mice, Tandemaus is easily one of the cutest Pokemon to have been introduced in some time, mostly thanks to its small size, general lack of mouth, and little button eyes. Some have also speculated that the stitching and eyes are a hint that it's inspired by dolls like Sylvanian Families, which is another point in its favour.

Social media has quickly become flooded with fan cams and fan art of Tandemaus, with many focusing on the little red face that Tandemaus makes when they scream, and the little clapping animation they do when they're happy. Things get even cuter when you read their Pokedex entry, which mentions that they "split any food they find exactly in half".

Tandemaus is just the start of how cute things can get, however. In a weird move for Pokemon, Tandemaus' evolution is literally just it adding another baby mouse or two and then changing its name to Maushold. Beyond the incredible pun work there, this strange method of evolution did initially cause some confusion with players, who didn't know how to get Tandemaus to evolve.

As it turns out, Tandemaus literally just evolves on its own, with no effort needed from the player. That's a strange move for sure, but it's yet another reason why Tandemaus is so cute. This little mouse family just exists and does its own thing, and the player has absolutely no say in it. More traditional Pokemon players probably hate that, but the zoomers making fan cams of the weird mouse Pokemon are loving it.

Another thing that Pokemon fans are loving about Tandemaus is one of its moves, Population Bomb. That move might sound like some kind of dirty joke, but it's actually the signature move of Tandemaus and is strangely classed as a cut move. Although this is actually because of Tandemaus' sharp teeth (which is specified in its Pokedex entry) this has already led to fan art of Tandemaus holding up a knife threateningly.

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