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Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Complete Guide To The Pirate’s Graveyard

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  • How To Unlock The Pirate's Graveyard
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The Pirate's Graveyard is one of the many dungeons that you can unlock and fight your way through in Tactics Ogre: Reborn. It's a nautical-themed dungeon with a ton of Octopuses, Skeletons, and Lizardmen to fight, and even some extremely rare Liches if you delve far enough.

Here's our guide to the devious dungeon, including how to unlock it, how to make your way through it quickly, and how to complete Azelstan's side quest and claim the treasure for yourself – or not!

How To Unlock The Pirate's Graveyard

The Pirate's Graveyard is a dungeon that unlocks in Chapter 4 once you have saved Azelstan. The fight with Azelstan unlocks after reading the Talk topic Port Omish, Den of Thieves. With that fight complete, read the Talk topic about The Pirate's Graveyard. This will unlock the area for exploration.

For more information about Azelstan and the way that this dungeons is entwined with his recruitment quest, click here.

Dungeon Structure

MapDeploymentNotable Enemies
Cave of Spite8 UnitsMultiple Octopuses and Undead
Astride the Border8 UnitsEasiest way to get Gremlins
Crystal Halls8 UnitsDragons might spawn here
Valley of Shadow and Light8 UnitsMultiple Undead
Crumbling Garden12 UnitsPossible Blood Gavial spawn, possible Dragon Scale (shield) drop
Ripples of Grief8 UnitsEasiest way to get a Baldur Golem
Memories of Turquoise8 UnitsPossible Wight spawn
Wonder's Hollow8 UnitsPossible Banshee spawn, possible Dagon spawn
Bosom of the Sea God10 UnitsLots of high-level enemy-only classes
Midline Rift8 UnitsLots of high-level enemy-only classes, lots of Undead
On Holy Ground10 UnitsA Lich can spawn here
Into the Darkness12 UnitsLots of high-level enemy-only classes

The quickest route through the Pirate's Graveyard is as follows:

  • Cape of Spite
  • Astride the Border
  • Crumbling Garden
  • Bosom of the Sea God
  • Midline Rift

From the Midline Rift, you can head to either of the final maps, On Holy Ground (if you're looking for a Lich or the Pirate's Treasure) or Into the Darkness (if you're chasing Iuria in CODA Episode 1).

The Pirate's Graveyard Treasure

Once you have Azelstan recruited, it's possible to take on The Pirate's Graveyard once more – this time, to get the rumored treasure lurking at the bottom. There are a few unique fights to take on.

This can only be completed on Chapter 4. If you are in the postgame CODA, you cannot see any of the following scenes or play the associated battles. You will have to use the World function to reverse time to Chapter 4.

You will be forced to take the slightly longer path for the first few battles to the Ripples of Grief.

Ripples Of Grief

Enemies2x Lich, 2x Baldur Golem, 2x Archer, 2x Warlock, 1x Wizard, 1x Wight
Deployment10 Units
Victory ConditionDefeat all enemies
Bonus ObjectivesPerform an action to exorcise an undead enemyEXP +1,100
Win with an Archer in the battle partyExperience Charm IV x5
Difficulty★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

This battle throws some new things at you, but they shouldn't be too difficult to handle.

  • The Baldur Golems are the strongest variety of Golem so far, with high Magic Resist. You'll likely need multiple Finishing Moves to get rid of these with any comfort. Dragoons with Beastslayer will work too, as will Warlocks with Golemsbane.
  • The Liches don't have any ruthless tricks up their sleeves but can Curse multiple units at once. Try to snipe them down with Archers before they cause too much pain – or recruit them! Liches are incredibly rare and difficult to make yourself.

After the battle, you'll get a scene with Denam and Azelstan. The next unique battle is right at the bottom of the dungeon, in On Holy Ground.

On Holy Ground

EnemiesLeader: Rackham (Spectre)
3x Octopus, 2x Warlock, 2x Wizard, 2x Archer, 2x Terror Knight
Deployment12 Units
Victory ConditionDefeat Rackham
Bonus ObjectivesObtain a buff cardExperience Charm IV x5
Win with an Dragoon in the battle partyEXP +1,100
Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

There are some bulky opponents here, but nothing that should give you any grief.

  • Rackham himself has the unique Spectre class, but you can think of him as another Azelstan, really. While he has an axe, he has no Finishing Moves to use with it, making him far less of a threat to begin with. He does have Speedstar and Risk Management, so he can make himself a nuisance quickly and for a long time if you give him a chance.
  • Backing up Rackham with considerable bulk are three Octopuses. You might want to bring along some Dragoons with Beastslayer just to deal with these.
  • The caster Ghosts are very annoying. If you can snipe them down, do so – their magic damage will add up quickly, given they can target entire areas all at once.

Once you beat Rackham, the fight will end, and you'll be treated to a cutscene where you get to choose whether to take the treasure or not. You'll learn that the treasure is more a grave marker than anything else, and you'll have to make the choice.

  • If you choose to take the treasure, you'll receive a Buccaneer Classmark, a Glass Pumpkin, an Elixir, and some Oberyths. However, you will lose some Chaos Frame with multiple races, which might make some units less loyal and might make it harder to recruit Cressida if you're on the Chaotic path. You will also get the Grave Robber title. Shame on you.
  • If you choose not to take the treasure, you won't get the Chaos Frame hit.

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