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Swery’s The Good Life Purrs Up A Summer 2021 Release

It’s been quite some time since we last heard about Swery’s open-world RPG The Good Life, but it appears as if things are in good hands. This morning, publisher The Irregular Corporation announced that it will not only be handling publishing duties on this cute little game but that The Good Life should be hitting PC and consoles in the summer of 2021. A new trailer commemorates the occasion and includes a lovely cat with sunglasses.

As for game details, there’s not much new to glean here. We know that the main protagonist is a photographer named Naomi who hails from NYC and comes to the town of Rainy Woods to solve a mystery of the perpetually happy town. She also has to balance her checkbook and take odd jobs to make ends meet…so maybe this isn’t exactly a “good” life.

If The Irregular Corporation is a name that sounds familiar to you, it’s likely because it was the publisher behind Murder By Numbers and PC Building Simulator. Known for being eccentric, this partnership with Swery should be a good fit. For his part, Swery hasn’t stopped making games since his breakout hit Deadly Premonition. In fact, a sequel to that cult classic was released this year on Nintendo Switch, though it wasn’t met with the best reception.

Still, The Good Life seems like a decent enough diversion from what Swery has worked on in the past. While not always striking gold, his gung-ho attitude, and indie charm always give games with his name on them a certain aura.

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