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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Will Include Kevin Conroy’s Batman

It's been a while since we heard or saw anything from Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. That changed at The Game Awards as the villainous group was faced with taking down Batman. Not only was it confirmed that Batman will be in the game, but it was also revealed that The Dark Knight will be voiced by the late Kevin Conroy and it will launch on May 26, 2023.

Conroy voiced Batman in a number of projects including the Arkham games but passed away last month at the age of just 66. Since Kill The Justice League was announced in 2020 and has been in development for a while, there would have been hope among DC fans that if Batman was going to be in the game, he would be voiced by Conroy. Very good news on that front, and one more chance to enjoy Conroy's work as one of the world's most iconic superheroes.

Before Batman appeared for the blockbuster end to the trailer, the Suicide Squad is shown trying to escape from what is presumably a horde of enemies, attempting to barricade themselves inside Arkham Asylum. The Squad has The Flash hostage, and he's not in a good way. Captain Boomerang makes matter worse by accidentally cutting the quick hero's finger off.

The wait for Kill The Justice League has felt long for a couple of reasons. Mostly because the trailer announcing the game is now well over two years old. What has made that period feel even longer is the lack of new trailers and info until now. Other than some key art, a little bit of gameplay, and then a delay, Rocksteady hadn't really revealed anything more about the game until it showed back up at The Game Awards this evening.

There's a slim chance part of the reason Kill The Justice League is taking so long is because it will be one of the first games tied to DC's new and improved connected universe. James Gunn, who is now heading up DC Studios with Peter Safran, has confirmed there will be a time when DC games take place in the same universe as its movies and shows. Tricky to pull off, but something Star Wars has managed for a while now, so not impossible.

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