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Subnautica: Below Zero – Where To Find Magnetite

Magnetite is a valuable resource in Subnautica: Below Zero that’s found in a variety of different biomes. Some of them, like the Crystal Caves and Deep Lilypads Caves, can be a bit dangerous. However, there are some safer locations with plenty of Magnetite to craft everything you need.

Because Magnetite is found in Ore Veins, you will probably be getting quite a lot every time you go mining for it. Occasionally, some Ore Veins will require the Prawn Suit Drill Arm to crack open, but you can find Magnetite in regular veins as well. Here’s the complete guide on where to find Magnetite, including tips on how to stay safe, and the different locations you can check out.

Where To Find Magnetite In Subnautica: Below Zero

Magnetite is used to craft lots of important items, like Propulsion Cannon for the Prawn Suit, the Thermal Plant and Scanner Room upgrades, and even the Snowfox vehicle. You will probably need a fair chunk of Magnetite to build everything you want, so here’s how to find it.

Magnetite Ore Veins are found across Sector Zero. This is the list of areas and biomes where you can find the resource.

  • Crystal Caves
  • Deep Lilypad Caves
  • East Arctic and West Arctic
  • Glacial Basin – multiple locations, mostly in a variety of caves

The Crystal Caves and Deep Lilypad Caves are the most dangerous biomes on the list. There is a Shadow Leviathan that likes to roam the Crystal Caves, and the Deep Lilypad Caves are inhabited with Squidshark. You can kill these creatures, but it’s a bit of a hassle just to find Magnetite.

You can explore the Glacial Basin on the hunt for Magnetite, although the cold temperatures might be a problem if you’re unprepared. Snow Stalkers also like to inhabit the various caves where you might find Ore Veins. Not a problem if you have Flares, but still dangerous.

That leaves you with two last biomes to check out: the East Arctic and the West Arctic. These biomes are both relatively safe, although you can head towards the West Arctic through nothing but a cloud of Eye Jelly Fish.

Both biomes are made obvious by the enormous Icebergs. Here’s a succinct guide to finding one of the many caves with Magnetite Ore Veins inside.

Find Magnetite In The West Arctic

On the hunt for Magnetite? Head to the caves underneath the Icebergs in the West Arctic. Here’s what you need and where to go.

What you should take with you:

  • Seatruck – Always handy, the Seatruck speeds up your trip and also helps you dive underneath the Ice Bergs to a depth of around 150-200 meters.
  • High Capacity O2 Tank and Rebreather – These are essential. You will be exploring a lot of underwater caves with the Seaglider. If you run out of Oxygen… well, you’re trapped in an underwater cave-coffin.
  • Laser Cutter – On the note of running out of Oxygen, it’s useful to take a Laser Cutter with you. These are used to bust open ice balls on the edge of the caves, which release Oxygen when destroyed.

How To Get To The West Arctic

From your Drop Pod, you want to head Southwest for around 1000-1400 meters, basically until you see the very large iceberg above you. Travel close to the seafloor.

Once you start to see the Titan Holefish and Eye Jellies, you know you’re in the right spot. Don’t worry too much about any aggro fauna. The Eye Jellies will only tickle your Seatruck.

Keep following the base of the icebergs until you are totally underneath them. Here you will find the caves that have Magnetite inside. Various Ore Veins line the walls, full of mostly Titanium and Magnetite.

Magnetite In The Deep Lilypad Caves

The other option to find Magnetite is in the Deep Lilypad Caves. You can find this by heading towards the Omega Lab (directly South from your Drop Pod location) and diving past the stack of rock it sits on. You will soon enter these twisting caves and caverns.

The Magnetite here is much deeper, pushing close to 400 meters. It will require a decent Depth upgrade for the Seatruck. In an ideal world, you will have a Scanner set up, as the Magnetite is a bit harder to spot here. There are still Ore Veins, so it’s not impossible to find.

Be careful while in the Lilypad Island biomes, as both Squidsharks and Brute Sharks do roam the area.

Sea Monkeys Might Be Your Saviour

For those really struggling to find lots of Magnetite, Sea Monkeys will gift the player resources after a certain point in the game. Watch out, spoilers ahead: Sea Monkeys will interact with the player after they meet Al-An.

Sea Monkeys can gift all sorts of different resources, from Gold to Magnetite. Considering how difficult Magnetite can be to find in the world of Below Zero, this is actually a great help.

Overall, Magnetite is not overly difficult to find if you know where to look. You can collect an entire inventory full in the caves underneath the West Arctic, so much Magnetite, in fact, that you might need to make a couple of trips to get everything you need.

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