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Street Fighter 6 Seems To Have Character-Specific Taunts

Street Fighter 6 looks like it'll introduce character-specific taunts.

After years of teasing from Capcom, Street Fighter 6 was finally revealed last week as part of the latest State of Play. Although the big reveal is out of the way, that hasn't slowed Capcom down at all, as it continues to show off more characters and reveal more interesting details about the game that weren't shown in the initial trailer.

One such example of this is what looks to be a new taunting system for Street Fighter. The official Street Fighter Twitter page shared a short clip that shows Ryu and Luke taunting one another during a match. Although taunting is nothing new for Street Fighter, the system seems to have been updated to allow for character-specific taunts.

The short gameplay clip shows off how taunting will work in Street Fighter 6, starting by showing Ryu using a standard taunt that seems to just be a generic one. Luke responds by mockingly shouting "Hadouken" and limply flailing his arms, clearly making fun of Ryu specifically, as he's one of a few characters on the roster to use the move. This implies that the taunt is specific between Luke and Ryu.

The caption alongside the video also hints that Ryu can respond to Luke uniquely, "And now, we proudly present Luke and Ryu taunting in Street Fighter 6! Will Ryu stand for this mockery or be a Chad and do something about it?! Or does he have more ways to respond…". Beyond the initial amazement of seeing Ryu officially called a "Chad", the mention of "more ways to respond" implies that players have a new level of control over what taunts they choose to use.

Although Luke's taunt and the language used in the Tweet sharing it seem pretty concrete on some kind of upgrade to the taunt system, whatever the new taunting system might be hasn't been fully detailed yet and we've only seen Luke have a character-specific taunt, so we'll need to wait and see how other fighters interact to see if it's a universal mechanic or something specific to Luke.

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