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Streamer JiDion Admits To Having "Sold Out," Promises Improvement

The popular content creator JiDion recently spoke about his success as a streamer, apologizing to fans and followers for some of his biggest missteps, most notably his controversial sponsorship deals. “I sold out,” JiDion said about his rise to fame and fortune. “That shit really fucked me up.”

JiDion has been a subject of scrutiny ever since the streamer began attracting attention following a public feud with Pokimane. JiDion organized hate raids against Pokimane, something which resulted in a longstanding ban from Twitch. While the content creators eventually patched things up and even started working together on a project, Pokimane later described how the ordeal took a toll on her mental health. "When all the JiDion online hate stuff happened, I low key fell into a depression,” Pokimane said in a stream. “I can laugh about it now, but for the last two months, I've been counting my steps.”

The turning point apparently came for JiDion when the NFL told him to make a TikTok video that he was working on more “family friendly,” prompting the streamer to realize that at some point in the recent past, he began working for his sponsors instead of himself and his followers. JiDion has often come under fire from fans for accepting seemingly random if not somewhat controversial deals. “I sold out,” the content creator admitted.

“I’m valuing money and I’m taking the easy route over things and it’s sad because I only just recently basically realized I sold out,” JiDion remarked. “I feel like that’s the saddest part about it. Like, I couldn’t even see that I was selling out, you know?”

With stardom came sponsors. According to JiDion, “I don’t think I was ever supposed to be in the main spotlight. I feel like it put a spotlight on my channel where they that don’t even fuck with me would look at my shit, too.” His recent popularity “shined a light that like was too fucking bright,” inviting a sort of scrutiny that “I never wanted to be under,” causing him to “sell out” because he wanted to please everyone, sponsors included. “That shit really fucked me up.”

“When you have people that actually want to see you fail and people that don’t have your best interests at heart fucking looking at you, it changes you,” JiDion said in a stream. “It changes you.”

Jidion added that he simply wanted to “make the best content ever,” noting that his community was meant to be “us versus the world,” but said that he “joined the world.” The streamer on the other hand promised to “go back to basics.” When it comes to his clash with Pokimane, the content creator seems to have learned his lesson. JiDion promised not to push any limits or go too far in the future. “At the end of the day, I’m never going to do anything that goes against my morals. If it doesn’t go against my morals and everything, then yeah, man, we’re going to ball.”

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