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Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins’ Final DLC Adds Moogles, Releases January 27

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins is about to get its final DLC. Different Future will have Jack and the gang save the world from a terrible future with the help of a Moogle friend, and also give Jack a gun to do it.

The trailer begins with a Moogle appearing in front of Jack and beseeching him for help. It says that the whole dimension is "hurtling towards a terrible future," and that someone is trying to erase the world. This Moogle apparently went back in time to ensure its future is guaranteed and to warn Jack of the meddling of a particularly nefarious Lufenian.

Moogles all look slightly different throughout the Final Fantasy worlds, but this Moogle looks a lot like the Moogles you’ll find in Dissidia Final Fantasy (or Kingdom Hearts, but we’re going to assume that franchise remains separate from the rest of Final Fantasy for now). Fans believe that the Moogle that goes back in time could be Cid of the Lufaine, but you’ll have to play the DLC to find out.

The official Stranger of Paradise site provides a few more details. Jack will travel to a "Central" city where the Lufenians could monitor other dimensions. "Yet for all the power and grandeur of this metropolis," the site reads, "it took only the mad delusions of one Lufenian to bring it all to ruin."

Now ghostly and abandoned, Jack must storm a city full of monsters to save the world once more. And he’ll have a futuristic-looking shotgun to help alongside new armor and a big-honkin’ sword. There will also be new missions for the two previous DLC expansions, Trials of the Dragon King and Wanderer of the Rift.

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins – Different Futures arrives on January 27.

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