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Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin DLC Is Only Available On Hardest Difficulty

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's newest DLC isn't for the faint of heart. You have to play it on the newest difficulty, Bahamut, which is even higher than Chaos. This has locked many out of the expansion and caused a stir online as fans feel excluded from the next chapter in SoP's story.

There are four base game difficulties—Story, Action, Hard, and Chaos. Story is as it sounds, letting you experience the game at an easy pace designed to let you enjoy the narrative first and foremost, but each difficulty ramps up to make things more challenging so there's some pushback from enemies. You unlock Chaos after beating the base game and you need it to access new Artifacts gear for the DLC, while the new Bahamut difficulty is required for a currency that unlocks stages (thanks, Game Rant).

It also ups the max gear level which you'll need to stand a chance in Trials of the Dragon King. So for those who enjoyed SoP on Story difficulty at a breezier pace, you'll have to ramp things up significantly if you want to see what's next for Jack Garland and co.

Coming from Nioh developer Team Ninja, the focus on difficulty isn't too surprising, but since the base game had options for those that wanted a less intense challenge, the mandatory hard option for the DLC has proven controversial. Fans aren't too happy being boxed in, but that's what the future has in store for SoP's DLCs.

The next two DLCs will add two new difficulties, so Bahamut won't be the hardest the game gets. But Nioh's DLCs didn't up the ante with difficulty in the same way SoP did as some highlight in the comments, furthering the confusion as to why Team Ninja has opted to go down this path with a series like Final Fantasy.

You're stuck if you want to see more of the story, unfortunately, but some suggest playing as the White Mage and letting your party handle the fighting. That might at least make it somewhat easier.

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