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Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Where To Mine Gold And Orichalcum

In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, there is a whole host of items to collect, gather, craft, and more. Some of the most valuable resources in the game are obtained through mining, with there being various types of ore and raw gems that you can find.

The two rarest and most valuable types of ore are gold and orichalcum, which are needed to create ingots to upgrade all of your tools to their final two levels. Naturally, these ores are harder to come by than others, so here’s exactly what you need to do and where to go in order to mine these.

Stonebreaker Valley

Stonebreaker Valley is the ideal place to farm Gold and Orichalcum Ore, as it doesn’t require traveling down 50 levels in a mine. This secret location is unlocked once you reach level 9 in the Mining skill, after which it can be accessed from the Navi-sprite at any time.

Both Gold and Orichalcum ore appear in Stonebreaker Valley, though the latter is rarer. Regardless, this is the easiest and quickest way to farm both ore types without having to fend off baddies.

However, until you unlock Stonebreaker Valley, you can mine for both ores in the third mine.

Unlocking the Third Mine

Firstly, you need to unlock the third mine. This means expanding your farm into the third area, so you’ll need to do the following:

  • Fix the bridge at the bottom left of your starting area.
  • Unblock the path in the northern section of area two.
  • In the northern section of area three, you need to fix the bridge leading to the mine.

These repairs can be done with either materials or money, but regardless of what you choose, they will all take a day to complete.

Finding Gold and Orichalcum Ore in the Third Mine

Once you’ve got access to the third mine (which is clear from the gold ore rocks outside), you can head inside and start mining for some of the more valuable ore.

This mine is a lot bigger than the previous two and has far more floors to navigate. Additionally, there are two new types of baddies to deal with here who can hit you and drain your stamina, they also have a lot more HP so are more troublesome to get rid of.

  • The white baddies appear from floors 1-29.
  • The black baddies appear between floors 31-49.

The black baddies are the most irritating as they have a greater AoE. There are also pitfalls to watch out for, as if you fall into them you will lose some of your stamina.

Here’s where they can be found:

Gold Ore

  • Can be found throughout the entire third mine.
  • Mined from grey rocks with gold veins in them.
  • Can also be possible drops from mining at wall veins or from glittering patches on the floor.

Orichalcum Ore

  • Orichalcum is found in rocks with turquoise gemstones appearing from them.
  • It has a chance to appear from level 42 onwards, and only on even-numbered floors.
  • At least one rock is always present on level 50 of the mine.

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