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Steelrising: The Tuileries Part 2, Quai du Louvre Walkthrough

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  • Palais Du Louvre
  • The Louvre Gardens
  • Quai Du Louvre

Having just beaten The Selenite Of The Louvre, you now have access to a fancy air dash. With this new traversal tool, a number of options open up to you in the world of Steelrising. Places that had once been too far away to reach, will now be accessible. On your way back to your carriage from the boss, there are a number of places worth exploring that will yield treasures.

Most notably, we will be making our way through the Quai du Louvre, which not only has multiple treasure chests to plunder, but also a secret area contained within. Let us lead you through this side area and help you claim all these goodies for yourself.

Palais Du Louvre

Having just beaten The Selenite Of The Louvre, collect the Grade 1 Respite Module and Module Key from their corpse. Pull the lever to enter into the palace. Once you get inside, you will see a half-broken door. But first, look up. There is a grapple point. Once you are on the second floor, use the air dash to get to the opposing side of the room and grab the Valiant Spirit.

Now hop back down to the first floor. You want to get on top of the rubble ramp, jump up, and use your air dash to pass through the destroyed upper section of the door. This will take you back to the Louvre Gardens. The door to your back, take a right, and clear out the Club-Wielding Butcher Variant. There is a Valiant Spirit nearby, make sure to grab it. Climb up on the nearby ramp, and dash over the gate.

The Louvre Gardens

From here, grapple up to the building above you and to your right. You have, technically, entered the Quartier du Louvre. From the balcony above, use your air dash to cross that gap to the balcony across the way and get inside the apartment. You will find a Noble Spirit here. Hop back down, and head back to the Vestal in the gardens.

Jump up to that giant wooden structure using your grappling hook and air dash. Hop into the window, climb the stairs up, take the first right, then go down another set of stairs. You will end up in a room with a treasure chest that is still, at this moment, locked. If you jump out of that window, you will be in the Quai du Louvre. But look where you are jumping, as there is a particular platform you will want to land on.

Quai Du Louvre

From the balcony—right outside of the window—the first thing you should do is hop over to the platform suspended above the ground down below. Grab the weapon materials, and jump across to the deck of the nearby shack for a lesser spirit. From here, you will be able to see another treasure lying on top of a platform suspended above the ground. Jump onto it, grab the flame grenades.

Now, air dash through the hole in the wall to get back to where we started. There is a treasure chest with the Grand Veneur Culottes and Shoes, make sure you don't leave before opening it. You are going to head down the stairs, towards the shore, but before you do make sure to perform one more sweep and pick up any items you may have missed.

Now, head down towards the water. There will be a Snake-Bodied Automat hiding behind debris (as they like to do) on your right, and a Fencing Automat hiding behind a boat on your left. Take them both out. There is a treasure chest at the end of the dock; but be warned, another Snake-Bodied Automat is hiding behind the cargo (god they love ambushing people). Once you kill it, open the treasure chest and obtain the Module Key.

Before we head back on the main path, we are going to take a little detour. Head down the dock. You should see a giant plank of wood barricading the sewer's entryway. Use your dash to blow through it. You will now enter into The Louvre Sewers. There isn't much in here, but you can, at the very least, grab a Noble Spirit for a little bonus Anima.

Once you cross the water, you will enter into an area with a Lancer positioned on the roof of a hut. Nearby there are stacked crates. Climb those crates, and then air dash over to the Lancer. Now you can take care of them, and you won't have to worry about being harassed by their cannon fire as you explore. There is also a Fencer Automate nearby, they are hiding behind a shack, so watch out for them as well.

Further down the beach, there is another Snake-Bodied Automat, and another Fencer Automat. Clear them out, then head to the end of the dock nearby. Jump across the water, to the boat in the distance to acquire the Noble Spirit. If you are feeling uneasy about this jump, there is a Vestal coming up, so feel free to come back for this after having saved. There is another entrance to The Louvre Sewers, but you won't be able to get through until you obtain your final traversal tool, so just make a mental note of it.

Now, climb the steps and take out the Shield-Wielding Lancer. There is another one of those Club-Wielding Butcher variants nearby. Take them out, and you will be able to open up a door that will reveal a shortcut to where you fought the Unstable Statuary Ram. Once you finish them off, go back to where you fought the Shielded-Lancer, and run over to the nearby gate. Pull the lever, and you will be back at your carriage.

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