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SteamWorld Build To Launch Later This Year, Demo Available Now

SteamWorld is set to leap to yet another genre later this year with SteamWorld Build, a city builder that has you play as a steambot architect building a post-apocalyptic wild west-style town atop an abandoned mine full of monsters.

For those unfamiliar with SteamWorld, it's a franchise that first got started as a tower defense game on the Nintendo DS back in 2010. Since then, it's branched off into Metroidvanias with SteamWorld Dig and Dig 2, turn-based strategy in SteamWorld Heist, and an RPG deck builder in SteamWorld Quest. Now in SteamWorld Build, the steambots will take on Cities: Skylines with its own unique twist.

You'll start off as little more than a way station in the wild and untamed lands of a planet that's seen better days. Underneath that town will be an abandoned mine that's rumored to have both rich mineral resources and ancient technology from the before times. The end goal is to build up your town so you can send in an army of steambots to extract those resources and escape the planet.

To do that, you'll be able to build roads, trains, logging operations, ore refineries, restaurants, saloons, general stores, farms, and more. Then, when you have enough population, you can send steambots underground to unearth artifacts and build defenses against mutant monsters.

"When The Station joined Thunderful in 2020 and told us that they wanted to make a city builder, we thought it offered a great opportunity for SteamWorld and Thunderful to move into another new genre," said Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, SteamWorld universe and franchise director. "They know what it means to work on big IPs thanks to their experience developing for LittleBigPlanet, including crossovers with God of War, Dark Souls, and many more. After losing plenty of hours getting sucked into the amazing gameplay loop they’ve created between overground city-building and underground mining, I can tell you that I’m really proud of what they’ve managed to do within the SteamWorld universe."

Thunderful says it's building SteamWorld Build for both consoles and PC simultaneously, so the UI will work great on both. Expect SteamWorld to launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam later this year. And you can get a preview of what's to come with a free demo available now on Steam.

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