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Steam DOWN: Server status latest as Steam network goes offline

Steam servers are down tonight for gamers trying to access their favourite titles on PC, while other are reporting seeing strange glitches when trying to use their accounts.

No mention has been made of what has caused the outage but looks to be affecting a lot of people.

Thousands of reports have been coming in over the past hour confirming that many of Steam’s normal functions are no longer working.

One user writes: “I can’t log in to the friends network and get friends together in Raft.”

Other report that they are able to continue playing games but that restarting the client does not help.

“When going to the store with Firefox it goes to maximized developer tools mode for me, which is weird. I’ve never seen it happen automatically.”

“My account is in some weird state where it says I’ve been VAC banned, my profile picture is a red VAC symbol, and I can’t access any of my settings to change password and stuff, I didn’t get a steam phone guard prompt or email, I don’t know if I’ve been hacked or not but my friend sent me this while I as asleep.”

It’s unclear what is causing tonight’s outage or how long it might keep Steam gamers from accessing core features.


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