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Stalker 2 Shows Off Mutant Feline For International Cat Day

International Cat Day is the perfect excuse to show off your adorable little kitties and spend some valuable time giving them as many belly rubs as they can stomach, but for Stalker 2's dev, it was anything but wholesome. Instead, GSC Game World decided to scar the internet with a mutated monstrous feline that looks part werewolf, part creepypasta.

This cat is a "bayun", described as "stealthy and nimble" (thanks GamesRadar). "For years, stories about it were regarded as mere fables. Bayun takes its name from its throat sacs, which allow the beast to imitate all kinds of sounds, including human speech." You might have wondered what it'd be like to talk to your cat or hear what they have to say, but you probably don't wanna sit around and chat with a bayun.

GSC didn't just drop any cursed cat art on Twitter, either—this is concept art from Stalker 2 itself. So we can probably expect to go up against these in some shape or form when exploring Chernobyl. That or we can expect to run in the opposite direction as fast as we possibly can.

Bayun the Cat is from Russian folklore, also known as the Bajun Cat. From descriptions, they appear fairly normal—fluffy, black, pretty whiskers and eyes. You'd probably want to pet them if you saw them in the street, but they're a cannibal that can talk, tricking travellers into listening to long and winding tales so that they can murder them when their guard is down.

However, Bajun can be defeated if you wear iron gloves and an iron hat, but you can't kill them. Instead, they'll become your servant. While Stalker 2's cats are anything but cute and fluffy cannibal murderers, maybe we'll get lucky and tame one like in the fable.

Who knows? Under that nightmarish scruff might be a loving little pet longing for a home. Or maybe under that nightmarish scruff is more nightmarish scruff and sharp fangs waiting to rip our throat out. Either way, I'm gonna risk it.

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