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Stalker 2 Is Coming To Xbox Series X

Announced today at the Xbox Games Showcase, the age-old Stalker franchise is making its way to console with Stalker 2 on the Xbox Series X. It’s been over a decade since a Stalker title graced the PC, and with the upcoming Stalker 2 the immersive horror-shooter is making its way to console at long last.

While we haven’t seen a Stalker game actually release since 2009’s Call of Pripyat, various forms of Stalker 2 development have graced the last 10 years. With the upcoming Stalker 2 entry, GSC Game World is bringing back the strange and alluring combination of first-person shooter horror. What’s really scary? The fact that it took this long for Stalker to come to console! A spooky trailer showed some of the terrifying environments you can try to survive through – but it won’t be easy.


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