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Square Enix Issues Download Fix For FF7 Remake Intergrade Yuffie DLC

In an email sent to TheGamer, Square Enix has detailed a fix for accessing Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Yuffie DLC after many have been left unable to play it.

Today marks the beginning of a very busy weekend for the video game world. Summer Game Fest will kick off in a few hours and feature big announcements from a number of studios. Until then, you can fill the time playing Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade. The upgraded PS5 version of the PS4 title officially arrives today, complete with a two-chapter long DLC.

The DLC, entitled Intermission, stares Yuffie in its leading role. A fan-favorite character from the original game on PS1. Those who buy Intergrade will get a code to access the DLC, or if you are eligible for the free PS5 upgrade it can be bought separately. However, despite today, June 10 being Intergrade’s official release day, many have been left unable to access the Intermission addition.

Square Enix has quickly addressed this problem and sent an email which should help clear things up. If you are one of the many that has been unable to access Yuffie’s extra chapters, following the steps below should hopefully fix the problem.

  • Select Settings in the top right corner of the PS5’s home screen.
  • Select Users and Account.
  • Scroll down to Other.
  • Select Restore Licences.
  • Once that’s done, restart your PS5.
  • After restarting, select the DLC to download through the PS Store. Or by pressing the Options button on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake game title, choosing Manage Game Content, and selecting Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission that way.

Following the steps above should fix any issues and allow you to finally get started on the next stage of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake journey. Make sure you have enough room for it on your SSD before making those steps, though. Intergrade will take up 81GB, while the Intermission DLC will require an additional 9GB of space.

Despite not even being on the market for 24 hours at this point, this isn’t the first time Intergrade has been causing its potential players headaches. The news that the Intermission DLC takes the form of a download code and is not included on the disc itself when it comes to physical copies did not sit well with many people. Suffice to say, if you see a pre-owned copy in the future bear in mind the code will have almost definitely already been used.

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