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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – Fortune Cookie Location Guide

SpongeBob's main mission in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Comsic Shake is to undo his mistake and restore Bikini Bottom. But fixing the entire town isn't all he's doing. The sponge has always been willing to help those in need. Thus, there are several other quests in the game that consists of the protagonist lending somebody a hand. For example, the nurse at Shady Shoals rest home requires some assistance.

You can talk to her after finishing the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom world. Upon doing so, she will request some fortune cookies for the residents. And they just so happen to be seven of them within the Karate world. So, you must head back inside to find them. These are their locations.

Fortune Cookie One Location

After making your way through the red carpet section, you get to an area with several trailers.

Once you enter, turn left and look up to see the first fortune cookie. To get it, jump on the orange trailer nearby using the boxes behind it.

From there, leap over to the cookie.

Fortune Cookie Two Location

This cookie is very easy to find as it isn't really hidden.

Immediately upon reaching the Backlot checkpoint, head straight forward to find the cookie atop a table.

Fortune Cookie Three Location

This fortune cookie is very easy to miss since it appears during the filming section, where the camera perspective changes and the screen continuously moves.

You don't need to keep an eye out straight away, as there are no cookies in the first sequence. You come across it shortly after the screen stops and then gets moving again.

It's inside a cage, and the only opening is blocked by a box. So, quickly break it, and run inside for the cookie before the screen catches up to you.

Fortune Cookie Four Location

Once you enter the back alley after filming, there will be a few dumpsters around.

The one closest to the center of the area contains the fortune cookie. You can hit it with a spin attack to open it up.

Fortune Cookie Five Location

While making your way through the world, you eventually reach Paparazzi Street, which was the place where you had to deal with the reporters. There are plenty of places where a cookie could be hidden in this area.

However, it's actually just on a picnic table to the side of the street. It's impossible to miss if you just head down the street at ground level.

Fortune Cookie Six Location

You can pick up this cookie after traversing the area with all the craters. To be more specific, once you jump out of the manhole in the street, you can see the cookie on the path in front of you.

It's sat next to a light.

Fortune Cookie Seven Location

The final fortune cookie is located right outside the Dojo Estate.

When you enter the grounds, you will see it between a set of gongs that you previously used to open the door.

Deliver The Fortune Cookies

When you've got all the cookies, you must return them to the nurse. She is always outside Shady Shoals Rest Home, near Sandy's house. You get a gold coin for your efforts.

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