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Splatoon 3 Amiibos Confirmed For This Holiday

Nintendo's Splatoon 3 direct has just finished and it was packed full of new information about the upcoming colourful shooter. One thing sure to get collectors excited is the announcement of Splatoon 3 Amiibo, coming this holiday season.

The game launches on September 9, so you'll have to wait a while after the game actually comes out before you can buy the Amiibo. That's if the vague timeframe of 'this Holiday' is what we're going off, but that generally means December, so hopefully you won't be waiting too long.

As well as being cute decorations, you can dress up your Amiibo in-game and take pictures with them. Scan your Splatoon Amiibo at a specific spot in Splatsville and you'll be able to save your gear and outfit onto them. You get several different outfit slots, named Freshest Fits, so you can get creative and have some fun.

Having these Amiibo will also give you access to special gear, but the Direct didn't go into detail on how you'd unlock this gear. There are three Amiibo incoming. A blue Octoling, a yellow Inkling, and a Smallfry, so maybe each one unlocks different gear.

Also announced during the Direct was that the game would let you check in on your friends as ghosts. These ghosts take the form of 3D holograms for your online friends that will appear in the lobby. "Drop in on friends in the midst of battle and play alongside them," the announcer said.

Committing to the fact this is Splatoon 3, the game will also feature three-team tricolour team battles as part of its Splatfests. This means, for the first time in Splatoon history, you'll be able to play with a total of 12 players on one map. It's sure to be absolute chaos.

Splatoon 3 will also include Tableturf Battle, a Turf War-inspired card game that's sure to get Tabletop editor and chad card game enjoyer Joe Parlock excited. You'll be able to collect cards from across the game to use in this new mode, so get collecting.

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