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Spider-Man Miles Morales Mod Gives Miles His Own Raimi Suit

While it has been around 15 years since the final installment’s release, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy is still a favorite amongst fans and rightfully so. The films have given us many iconic scenes including the upsidedown kiss and, my personal favorite, the viral evil Peter Parker dance. Of course, one thing stands out in those films and that is the detailed red and blue Spidey suit.

The suit is so beloved that it was quickly included in Insomniac’s Spider-Man video game. But why stop there? One Modder is taking that Raimi suit style and injecting it into another web-slinging game; Spider-Man: Miles Morales. That’s right, now we can all see what a Raimi directed Miles movie might look like.

This new suit mod comes from user Rezauddin Nur over on Nexus Mods. The “Raimi Miles Morales” file is pretty self-explanatory, however the creator does note that “you will need ASC’s new suit slot tool’ to use this mod”. Other than that, you can download the file and live out your all of your Raimi-directed dreams.

Photos of the suit show off a black and red Spider suit with some of the same features that make Maguire’s suit so cool. The red spider webbing on the suit is raised, just like the one in the films. Plus, the base black layers are glossy, giving it that same polished look. However, while the comments under the mod are excited to see a Raimi suit for Miles, the one complaint is that the suit might be too glossy, detracting from the neat details.

Gloss or no gloss, this is likely the closest we will get to a Raimi-created Miles Morales suit. However, Raimi’s recent trek back to the Marvel Universe for Doctor Strange and Tobey Maguire’s reappearance as the webslinger in No Way Home has got many people itching for a fourth Raimi Spider Man film. Perhaps a fourth installment is on the horizon after all.

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