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Spelunky 2: How To Unlock New Characters

If you’re planning to explore an endless series of chambers with no hopes of escape except by reaching the end, it’s best not to be alone. Though Spelunky 2 is a roguelike that you can muscle through on your own, it’s fun to bring along some friends.

Like the previous entry, you start off with a diverse group of four adventures ready to plunge the depths of the ever-changing caverns. But as you explore, you’ll find that other adventurers have also become trapped in the different areas and are just waiting for a kind-hearted soul to release them so they can adventure once again.

The Spelunkers

Though the face of Spelunky 2 is the yellow-clad daughter of the previous hero Ana Spelunky, she’s not alone. There are many other brave souls who have decided to risk their lives in pursuit of treasure and glory, or who have accidentally become trapped.

There are over 20 different characters to play as with 16 just waiting to be unlocked. Aside from their appearances, each character plays and controls exactly the same, making them a purely aesthetic addition to the game.

How To Unlock Each Of The Spelunkers

As with the previous game, new characters are primarily unlocked by finding a Coffin that will spawn randomly around the levels. All you have to do is approach it and break it open with your Whip or some other weapon and the character will be freed. Certain characters have different unlock conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to attain them.

  • Ana Spelunky, Margaret Tunnel, Colin Northward, and Roffy D. Sloth are available right from the start
  • Alto Singh is trapped in a coffin that spawns somewhere on Level 1-4 usually near the entrance to the Jungle or Volcana
  • Liz Mutton is trapped in a coffin that will spawn somewhere in the Jungle and be located in a stone chamber
  • Nekka The Eagle is trapped in a coffin that spawns at the top of the Black Market
  • LISE Project is trapped in a coffin somewhere around Volcana and will also be in a stone chamber
  • Coco Von Diamonds is trapped in a coffin that spawns in the hidden area of Vlad’s Castle which can only be accessed from Volcana
  • Manfred Tunnel is trapped in a coffin that spawns left of where the Ankh is found
  • Little Jay is trapped in a coffin located in a small structure in the Tide Pool area
  • Tina Flan is trapped in a coffin found in the water trench of the Abzu area
  • Valerie Chump is found a coffin that looks like a sarcophagus that appears in the Temple of Anubis
  • Au is found in a golden sarcophagus coffin found in the City Of Gold
  • Demi Von Diamonds is trapped in a coffin that spawns in the Ice Caves above the cave where the Yeti King and Queen lurk
  • The Pilot is trapped in a coffin that is shaped like a green pod somewhere on the Mothership
  • Princess Airyn is trapped in a coffin that spawns in Level 6-1
  • Dirk Yamaoka is trapped in a coffin that is found in the dead Goliath Frog of the Sunken City
  • Guy Spelunky becomes unlocked after you defeat Tiamat on Normal Difficulty
  • Classic Guy is unlocked after you defeat Hundun and leave the caves through the upper exit

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