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Spelunky 2: How To Find The Udjat Eye

There are many goals that would drive someone to go spelunking. The characters in Spelunky 2 are searching for a way out of the twisting caverns that have trapped them. Despite the severity of the situation, they’re going to make the most of the situation by grabbing every shiny thing that isn’t nailed down.

This loot includes the classics, such as gold and gems, while there’s also handy equipment to find. Even more enticing than that are the rare items and artifacts that are not only valuable but hold the secrets to new areas and even greater treasures. The Udjat Eye is one of these treasures for which you should keep an eye out.

What Is The Udjat Eye?

A theme of the Spelunky games is Egyptian artifacts that usually appear as a collection of four. Although it’s possible to collect all of them in a single run, each of these artifacts can be used on its own. The Udjat Eye is one of these artifacts and is the one that most spelunkers collect first.

It appears as a golden sculpture of an eye representing the gods. Aside from gazing into your soul, it serves several other purposes:

  • It acts as a radar that can help you find the Black Market in the Jungle area. When the Black Market is on the level, the Eye will start blinking and beeping. The closer you get to the entrance, the faster the Eye will blink and beep.
  • A passive effect it has is that it reveals treasures located in the ground such as gems and jewels. This is useful if you’re doing a City Of Gold run since you’ll need to collect up to $40,000 worth of gold in order to buy the Hedjet from the Black Market.
  • A newer use it has is as a key. In the Volcana area, a Big Drill can be found at the top of the chamber. You’ll need to place the Udjat Eye into a slot in the drill to activate it. This will cause the drill to dig straight down through the chamber right through the bottom. This will reveal the entrance to Vlad’s Castle, a hidden area that will allow you to obtain a valuable item called Vlad’s Cape. Keep in mind that activating the drill will remove the Udjat Eye from your inventory.

How To Obtain The Udjat Eye

This is the only Egyptian-themed item that can be obtained in the very first area of the game.

  • While exploring the Dwelling, you’ll need to look for a Locked Chest in either Level 1-2 or 1-3.
  • Once you find this chest, you’ll need to search the area for either a Gold Key or Skeleton Key. The latter can only be obtained from Shops, making sacrifices to Kali or as drops from Skeletons and Bone Blocks.
  • Once you have one of these keys, you’ll need to take it to the chest in order to unlock it, and you’ll receive the Udjat Eye.

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