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Sony Appears To Confirm PS Plus Discount Reversals Are Intentional

Since the new PS Plus has now been rolled out in certain countries, we are quickly learning more about how it works, and it isn't all good. One of the biggest stories coming out of the gradual reveals this week has been what certain subscribers are being charged when they look to upgrade. Sony dictates any discounts accrued in the past will need to be paid back before subscribers can upgrade to Premium or Extra, and while it seemed almost certain that was merely a mistake made on Sony's end, apparently it isn't.

That's according to an email from PlayStation Support in Hong Kong, the content of which has been shared on ResetEra. The sender of the original email was likely one of many to ask Sony what's up over the course of the past 24 hours, and the reply will not have eased their fears. The translation isn't perfect, but the email appears to confirm that PS Plus discounts you received in the past will need to be repaid if you want to upgrade.

“Since you purchased the PlayStation Plus membership at a discounted price… this new PlayStation Plus membership is launched and there are two PlayStation Plus memberships that cannot enjoy other discounts,” the translated email reads. “If you need to upgrade to the second or third level of premium membership, you need to make up for the difference in the previous discounted price first to return to the normal price.”

The email goes on to give an example, stating that if you received a year of PS Plus for HK$187.6 instead of the regular HK$308, you will need to pay the discounted HK$120.4 before you can upgrade what is now PS Plus Essential to either Extra or Premium. The email also attempts to soothe the subscribers' worries by assuring them Sony will do the math, adding that if they choose not to upgrade, which seems likely at this point, the discount they received will still apply.

When reports that subscribers in Asia were being asked to sacrifice previous discounts in order to upgrade, it felt like it may have been an oversight. The sort of issue Sony was expecting to discover and one that could be ironed out before the service arrives in other parts of the world. Apparently not, and it seems if you previously stacked your subscription in order to receive a PS Plus discount, upgrading to the new tiers will either be expensive, problematic, or both.

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