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Sonic’s Middle Name Is Canonically "Maurice", According To Prime

The Netflix description for Sonic Prime has just made a throwback to a long-forgotten piece of information from the old Archie comics – Sonic's real name. Accoridng to the description, Sonic's full name is "Sonic Maurice Hedgehog", introducing new generations to the blue blur's incredibly embarrassing middle name.

This comes from Sonic Prime'w description when the show is viewed on a mobile device in certain regions, which is a suitably niche way to cram in this obscure piece of Sonic lore. Whoever was put in charge of setting up the show's page on the streaming service is likely one of the more hardcore fans in the audience, as many new players are only just learning that this has been Sonic's name for years.

"When the universe shatters into multiple dimensions, Sonic's gotta fix it – and fast," reads the description for Sonic Prime. "Luckily, 'fast' is his middle name. (Actually, it's Maurice.)"

It doesn't seem like the UK got this description, even on mobile, but multiple users in different regions have shared screenshots of the deep cut reference.

While it may seem weird to see so much excitement over a Netflix description, this stems from the fact that the Archie-run of the Sonc comics have almost never been shown any love elsewhere in the series. Characters introduced in the comics would never make it into the mainline games, despite their popularity. Similarly, aspects of the game characters would stay in the comics, including Sonic's unexpected middle name.

What makes this even better is that his name doesn't end there. No, the Archie comics were going to establish that Sonic was actually just a nickname – with his real name being Olgilvie. So yes, his real name is Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog. Make this canon, you cowards.

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