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Sonic Origins Restores Cut Hidden Palace Zone In Sonic 2

Sonic Origins is set to arrive next month with remastered versions of the first five Sonic games. It’ll also include all-new game modes, a global leaderboard with level scoring, and even new opening and ending cutscenes.

It’s also getting some restored content for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Hidden Palace Zone was originally cut from the game’s 1992 release, but Sonic fans will be able to experience Hidden Palace Zone for the first time in Sonic Origins.

Well, technically the second time. Hidden Palace Zone first appeared in Sonic & Knuckles as a brief transition between Lava Reef Zone and Sky Sanctuary Zone. It’s unique for being the only level that’s actually relevant to the plot as that’s where Sonic and Knuckles find the Master Emerald and where they restore the Chaos Emeralds.

In Sonic 2, it looks like Hidden Palace Zone is going to be your destination following Mystic Cave Zone. Sega's Rulicon broadcast in South Korea (courtesy of @TailsChannel) gave us a sneak peek at Sonic Origins, including the new menu screens, several levels from all give games, and a very quick look at Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic 2.

Since it comes immediately after Mystic Cave Zone, it looks like Hidden Palace Zone is still a generally rocky area, but rather than being dark and dismal, it’s lit up thanks to some sort of ancient technology.

That same broadcast also revealed a few other things about Sonic Origins, including a “new blue sphere mode” (whatever that means), a dedicated Super Sonic button, and the Drop Dash coming to the game’s Anniversary Mode. The Drop Dash originally appeared in Sonic Mania and quickly became a fan favorite over the original Spin Dash as it lets you maintain your forward momentum while still curled up in an offensive ball.

Other Sonic Origins features include a new boss rush mode, mirror mode, mission mode with online leaderboards, and a museum full of in-game collectibles. Some of these features are going to be locked behind some controversial DLC paywalls, however, so be sure to consult the chart before pre-ordering.

Sonic Origins arrives digital-only on June 23.

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