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Sonic Frontiers Devs Confirm That The Final Part Of The Game Was Rushed

Sonic Team has confirmed what many fans had suspected: the latter parts of Sonic Frontiers were rushed to meet the release date. According to a Q&A with the dev team, earlier parts of the game took so long to develop that it left little time to perfect the ending, and particularly the final boss.

This comes from Sonic Team developer Morio Kishimoto, who went into how much effort was put into the earlier sections of Sonic Frontiers. This includes issues they ran into with early bosses, Giganto and Ninja, requiring a lot of dev time to fix.

The interview is only available in Japanese right now, but it's been translated by a fan over on Twitter. As per the translation, Kishimoto discussed the "time constraints" the team were under, and explained some of the areas they spent the most time trying to fix.

According to Kishimoto, the original version of the first boss, Ninja, was so difficult to defeat that only a "few people" on the team could defeat it. Considering that this is meant to be part of the tutorial, this obviously had to be addressed. It appears that similar issues were faced when working on Giganto, as that fight took five years to implement. Even then, aspects of the fight had to be cut, such as Amy flying above the boss to give Sonic more rings, therefore making it possible to stay as Super Sonic for much longer. This was apparently cut because it "broke the pace" of the battle.

In any case, few fans will find this surprising. Many had assumed the later part of the game was rushed, as the last two islands bear a striking resemblance to the first area, Kronos. A beta version of the map found on the Nintendo Switch revealed that they were, in fact, meant to be one big island. It's possible this was cut due to the aforementioned time restraints.

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