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Sonic Frontiers’ Cyber Space Areas Revealed During Nintendo Direct

Even though Sega insists Sonic Frontiers is still on track to launch before the end of 2022, much of the game remains something of an enigma. A little more light was shed on exactly what the game is and how it will work during today's Nintendo Direct. Additional gameplay plus a first proper look at the Cyber Space area which sounds like something Sonic fans will become very familiar with.

Whereas the Starfall Islands, starting with Kronos Island, will make up what Sega is referring to as Frontiers' Open Zone, Cyber Space will be where Sonic fans discover more familiar terrain. The portals through which you can access Cyber Space will take you to various levels, some of which will be brand new while others will feel somewhat familiar. As you can see above, at least one of the levels in Cyber Space will take Sonic to a reimagined Green Hill Zone.

The entrances to Cyber Space you'll find throughout the Starfall Islands were created by an ancient civilization called the Koco. Details on who or what this civilization was remain unclear, but that loophole might well be tied up when a prologue starring Knuckles launches. Hopefully the plan is for that prologue to arrive before Frontiers launches later this year.

There's curiously no mention of whether Knuckles will actually be in the game or not. Sega has confirmed Amy and Tails will be a part of Sonic's newest adventure in some way, and blue blur fans think Big the Cat will be making an unexpected return. As for Cyber Space, while portals can be found throughout the open zone, gaining access to them will depend on you completing challenges and solving puzzles in the ones you have already unlocked to in return for keys, allowing you to enter others.

The jury on Sonic Frontiers is very much still out based on what people have seen of the game so far. It does promise to be pretty different from any Sonic title that has come before it, which is likely considered to a be a good thing by most when based on some of the more recent offerings. As for other things we know, Ian Flynn has revealed Dr. Robotnik will be a part of the game, but the iconic villain's story will be taken in an interesting direction.

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