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Sonic Frontiers Confirmed For November 8 Release

Sonic Frontiers is officially launching November 8.

One of the biggest announcements of Gamescom Opening Night Live was the release date of Sonic Frontiers, which was confirmed to release on November 8. The new trailer also gave us our first look at the game's story set-up, showing Sonic going up against a mysterious child that has captured his friends. Sonic will apparently punch a child, good to know.

The trailer also showed more gameplay of Sonic running through a range of Subspace levels, which will take a more traditional approach to Sonic gameplay than the rest of Frontiers and focus on platforming instead of open-world exploration. We also see a little bit of a new island, which seems to take place in a desert landscape instead of the grassy front we've seen for most of Sonic Frontiers' trailers.

Of course, the big announcement was that Sonic Frontiers will be releasing on November 8, something that was actually leaked by Sega itself a few hours before the showcase.

Although this reveal at Gamescom is the biggest bit of Sonic Frontiers news we've had recently, Sonic fans have had plenty to keep them excited. Just a few days ago, Sega shared an image of Sonic standing in a new desert area looking up at a completely different boss than what we've seen up until now, which was shown off in the new trailer.

Japanese cinemas have also been showing a new trailer for Frontiers that shows Sonic running through several different parts of the world while also teasing the new vocal theme, with some speculating that it could be performed by Crush 40. Although most of the excitement has come from Sega itself, one Taiwanese retailer actually managed to get promotional material for the game early that hinted at some unannounced content and the release date.

Interestingly, although that initial leak seemed legitimate, the release date shown during the Opening Night Live trailer was a few days earlier, November 8. Whether that deconfirms it completely or if plans have changed somewhat between that marketing material and now isn't clear, but at least we know for sure when Frontiers is coming.

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