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Sonic Frontiers: 6 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Sonic Frontiers may be a Sonic game unlike any other, but that familiar urge to run through the main story at top speed is stronger than ever, especially given the nonlinearity found in the game’s several open-world islands. There’s a lot to see on the Starfall Isles. Getting swept up in the excitement and zooming from location to location is part of Frontiers’ main appeal.

By the time you’re done with the main campaign, and the credits are rolling, you might be surprised to find out just how much content there is left to do. Whether you’re a dedicated Sonic fan or just looking to squeeze more fun out of the game, the Blue Blur has plenty to keep you busy.

6/6 Finish Mapping The Islands

There are a ton of mapping points strewn across the islands. Some have easy-to-complete challenges, some may take you a few tries, and ones with a crescent moon and star can only be completed at night. But all of them are very easy to miss if you weren’t going out of your way for them.

Completing your island maps is one of the first things you’ll want to do once the credits roll. Getting to see more of the map opens up your options exponentially, and lets you discover stages and landmarks you may have completely missed on your first trip through the island.

5/6 Have A Chat With Sonic’s Friends

Sure, you interacted plenty with Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and Sage throughout the main story, but there are still tons of conversations you can have with them that weren't required to progress. They're all scattered across the maps, waiting to be found (and waiting for you to get enough Memory Tokens to be able to talk with them).

These are the character interactions you've come to expect from the cast over the years, but there's an extra level of care in how they're written that wasn't in some of the past Sonic games.

4/6 Buy All The Egg Memos

Of all the items Big the Cat sells you for fishing with him, from Gears and Keys to questionably-obtained Kocos, the Egg Memos are the most interesting (and expensive) of the bunch. They contain vital chunks of lore, written and read by none other than Dr. Eggman himself. While his voice isn’t quite as bombastic as when he’s fighting Sonic, his signature snark is alive and well.

Through his Egg Memos, you’ll learn all about the devious doctor, and The Ancients. Later entries go off on tangents about previous Sonic games, even touching on the fact that Eggman wasn't always called Eggman. He even mentions his late cousin Maria, who hasn’t been referenced in the series since Shadow the Hedgehog was new to the scene.

3/6 Fully Upgrade Sonic’s Stats

One of the core features that separates Sonic Frontiers from past games in the franchise is the ability to slowly upgrade Sonic’s stats over the course of the entire game. There are four stats to upgrade: Power, Defense, Ring Capacity, and Speed. Even if you were diligently collecting upgrade Seeds and lost Koco, chances are Sonic’s stats won’t be anywhere near maxed out once the credits roll.

There are a couple of different ways you could go about getting the necessary upgrade materials, but the fastest way by far is to buy them from Big the Cat through his fishing mini-game. While the grind may seem daunting, and getting upgrades from Elder Koco in particular feels agonizingly slow, the rewards are worth it. The final Speed upgrade lets Sonic boost as if he had full Rings, regardless of the amount he’s holding!

2/6 S-Rank All The Cyberspace Levels And Complete Their Missions

A lot of players tend to play Cyberspace Levels once for Vault Keys and then forget about them, but let it be known that mastering these bite-sized blasts from the past is no joke. Each stage has a target time to beat, and it’s the only way to earn that sweet, sweet S-Rank (something that tons of players eagerly devote their time to getting).

But that’s not all. Fully completing a Cyberspace Level means finding all five Red Rings scattered throughout the stage, as well as beating the stage with a certain number of Rings in hand. Thankfully, you don’t have to do all of these goals in one run, but you’ll still have to learn these level layouts like the back of your hand. For those who want an old-school Sonic challenge, these stages are for you.

1/6 Catch Every Fish And Object At The Fishing Ponds

Did you notice that each Fishing Pond Portal has a completion percentage next to it? That percentage is determined by the number of fish (and other things) you have left to catch at that particular pond. Yes, that percentage is different for each pond, and sometimes, you’ll have to catch things you’ve already caught at a different pond to reach 100%.

But there are lots of reasons why completing each Fishing Pond is worth it. For one, the sheer variety of things you can fish up never ceases to amaze. You might get a coelacanth with one cast of your line and a Checkpoint from the classic Sonic games the very next. Or you might just get a stick. You never know what you’re going to get. Fishing with Big is also one of the easiest way to farm resources.

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