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Sonic Colors Ultimate Heads To Consoles This Summer, Includes Movie Sonic Extras

Sega’s worst-kept secret is now official: Sonic Colors is coming back to modern platforms and in an enhanced format. During today’s Sonic 30th anniversary stream, the company announced Sonic Colors Ultimate for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with an early September release date. Not only will the game have fancy new HD visuals, but there are some extras in the form of Movie Sonic extras.

It’s not substantial like a character skin, but players will be able to adorn their profiles with the film’s take on the blue blur. If you pre-order the physical version, you’ll even get a keychain of baby Sonic to hang on…something. Does anyone really use keychains anymore?

Rumors surrounding a re-release of Sonic Colors started up last month after a German classification board had a listing for Sonic Colors Remastered. Initially, it seemed like the game would be a straight port of the Wii original to newer platforms, but there does seem to be extra work here. The visuals are certainly leaps and bounds better and the small extra content is a nice bonus.

Most people consider Colors to be the best 3D Sonic title next to Generations, so it is great that Sega is unshackling it from the constraints of the Wii. It may not be the next installment of the franchise, but giving a second chance to one of the more overlooked games in Sonic’s history sounds like a solid way to celebrate his 30th anniversary. Now we just need confirmation of that retro collection using the retro engine.

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